Christine Burns: Just Plain Sense - with Nadia Almada

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Christine Burns: Just Plain Sense - with Nadia Almada

Postby Juliet_Jacques » Sun Sep 26, 2010 11:24 am


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but Christine Burns from Press From Change runs an excellent podcast called Just Plain Sense. She's interviewed a number of people of interest - such as Calpernia Addams, Julie Bindel and Stuart Lorimer from CHX - and her latest, with Nadia from Big Brother (a show I've never watched, I must admit!) is well worth a listen, whatever you think of Nadia: ... ith-nadia/

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Re: Christine Burns: Just Plain Sense - with Nadia Almada

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:44 pm

This was a good interview - very cosy, but felt Christine spent too long on already well broadcast issues - her past is well known and she has been interviewed a number of times along similar lines

What was 'new' was the Ultimate Big Brother fiasco, and i think she missed out on a scoop there. Something changed from the Nadia that went into the house in 2004 and the Nadia that returned. Was it the public bored or transsexuals or were they simply no longer interested in her, what made her interesting has been squeezed to death by the media.

Unlike other successful people who are famous for their well 'success and skills' to be famous for being transsexual (and nothing else) is very shaky ground and i fear unsustainable.

I first saw her temper in Come Dine with Me Big Brother Winners Special - clearly overlooked by Christine - unlike me she has a life i suppose LOL so i can forgive that ;)P

I suppose it leaves more questions than it answered - but a very cosy fireside type chat and well done to Christine for recording it.

We could do similar poscasts (perhaps less restrained) ;) its just getting people interested in doing it

Christine seems to have suffered a similar fate in this regard in that she is a 'one-(wo)man' band so interviews can quickly become polarised into a certain style. Her title of 'diversity' quickly escapes the narrow transgender subject matter, but i suspect that is her biggest audience - podcasts on other diverse social elements are better handled byt their own communities - podcasts by disabled people about disabled people will always be better than someone outside of that stepping in. Her 'specialist subject' is transgender people (were it not for being trans nobody would ever have heard of her) but most of her work is outside of that sphere on her site in areas that perhaps have less interest to her biggest followers. At least on this occasion she delivered with spades - well done more of the same please :)

My only concern if any is she is perhaps restrained by her own social image of campaigner and MBE achiever and has a certain social standing to maintain meaning she is less likely to get dirty or let the veneer of respectability slip - is she too nice?

I will reserve that opinion personally i prefer the Piers Morgan (more intrusive) Jonathan Ross (silly but fun) approach than the Parkinson (let them give their party line and manufactured said a thousand times before interview).

Did i learn anything new from this about Nadia and the answer is no - after all the only way Christine knew what to ask her was from the press who had already reported it.


There has always been this idea that she passed with the housemates and this was reinforced with this interview

I think perhaps what they forget is Nadia was 'read' by Kitten and told Marco on Day one. Within what 5 mins of her sitting down she said "Thats a transsexual" - oh cool he replied.

And Victor and Jason were forever debating if she was a man or not. So i think the idea she was somehow invisible is actually not true. Where Nadia succeeded was basically having a fly on the wall observation of
an actual transsexual live on a television every day'.

She suggests 'she changed history' I would disagree with that - Julia Grant did that 35 years earlier with the ground breaking 'A Change of Sex' that was a fly on the wall documentary too but far more intrusive and novel at the time.

What Nadia did do was move into the new found Celebrity through TV (no pun intended) that was emerging thanks to Big Brother.

The 'celebrity culture' famous for being famous had for once allowed a transgender person to have a slice of the opportunity.

Nadia is a Big fish in a small pond and thats a good place to be.


Nadia made the same mistake Jade did when she went back in she was a different person to who was in there first time around. She had created this 'media personality' that the public had certain expectations of, primarily due to careful control of her personality through glossy magazines.

Agents are careful about what they allow their clients to do and PR gurus control this very well. UBB had no such barrier and allowed the public to see who people really are. And i think this was the shock - the contrast between the Nadia we remember and the Nadia that walked into the house this time around.

I found that this interview glossed over the UBB issues a bit too much, that is the info i wanted to hear. What actually happened between her and coolio, why was she straight onto Josie when she first arrived, did she see Josie as a threat? Coolio could have been on a task when he hid her shoes - there was a very similar task a few weeks earlier where BB wanted shoes for alcohol so to 'blow up' like that seemed an over reaction. And her attack on Ulrika for leaving a hot cracked plate on the side of the sink while it cooled - which probably was the nail in her eviction was not mentioned as this is how she will be remembered - Davina even saying she was bitter and angry (but not old).


So many celebs bring out fashion lines, part of the problem i can see for Nadia is this was probably in progress before she went into the house and was perhaps hoping to reestablish her profile to boost this project - knowing this perhaps she should have bitten her lip and thought about that and been better briefed by her PR machine.

I fear perhaps like the Jade perfume it may not do as well now she has dropped in the popularity polls. After all how many transsexuals are there that could keep her financially afloat and like her clothes? Who would want to be seen as wearing a 'Nadia outfit?' when most want to be stealthy - being spotted 'in a Nadia' may not be ideal - and could almost become a joke :\

It would be exciting for her to do, to thumb through designs and styles and say what she likes and stitch her name into it, but i fear like Caprice this may not be the best climate to do it in - the recession. Plus her profile has taken a bit of a battering.

I hope she does well, but perhaps she would be better off doing something on her own, similar to what others have done in the past - there is a risk of saturating the market. If Nadia was already a successful fashion designer and had her own company before she went in i think that to increase brand awareness is beneficial. But for a clothes creator to tag on something onto a famous face feels a bit hit and run in the same way Jedward do not have the time to spend in the fashion house everyday - they point and others with skill say OK until they get bored and drop them. Perhaps it is a mutually exploitative arrangement that may work in the short term, i just wonder who would want to be seen wearing 'transsexual clothes'? I think she would probably do better with the shoes as that seems to be her forte' but again when you have stores like Primark and Office churning the stuff out cheaper than hers would be wholesale i suspect - is it sustainable?

After all the following are after the same 'little bit of action' to quote the Nadia single she released.

Recent Headlines include for this MONTH!
Big Brother's Josie Gibson launches Randy Mare fashion line - Now Magazine

of course others who remain perfectly well set are

Katie Price launches fashion range for babies
Jedward to launch a fashion range!
Kate Moss Fashion Range
Holly Willoughby fashion range for Additions
Fearne Cotton takes to the catwalk to launch new clothing range
N-Dubz To Release Fashion Range
Amy Winehouse | To launch make-up range
Lily Allen brings her fashion range to London

and so on
is there room in there for Nadia?

I guess we will have to wait and see :)x
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