Proper Film Company ?

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Proper Film Company ?

Postby alldaychocolate » Fri Sep 10, 2010 1:34 pm


A nice idea how to make a film company with you in mind

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Re: Proper Film Company ?

Postby Ice Maiden » Fri Sep 10, 2010 2:50 pm

If you truly believe in what you do you can easily rent pro video cameras and mics lights by the day

you can edit pro level stuff including RED HD on Sony Vegas and that's consumer level pricing

script writing costs nothing

actors cost nothing if its a shoestring project many will give their time to just get a 'big break'

makeup artists are the same as are hair - but most can do their own

transport you can rent a minibus or use a couple of cars people already own or even taxis

locations can be cheap depending on what the topic is - i mean base the story on the moors or on the beach and voila cheap - make a period drama then you may need to know someone with a country house but its possible

If people truly believe in what they are doing it can be done

waiting to make money with Amazon - well thats commissions and where does that go? Whose to say that this will ever happen?

The storyline with a business that only employs trans people may have problems with discrimination as that works both ways trans complain they cannot get work because they are trans but what about if they have to be an equal opportunity employer themselves - lets face it you want the best 'man' for the job why hire and incompetent tran when there is a better more experienced non-trans cameraman for example - makes no sense

chances are the subject matter would quickly exploit 'transness' as thats sellable but it would be sellable in the same freakshow way it is sold now regardless who makes it - to shoot any other way would unlikely grab the audience or commissioning editors

if you idea is as brilliant as you say it is approach the commissioning editiors of all the major stations/broadcasters and explain you have the brilliant idea and they may well put the money up for you to do it as long as they get to broadcast it

my view is we are watching her now making this appeal - and the quality is not bad why not make the film and put it online on a pay per view? Then you dont need HD quality video 3CCD standard def would probably do

lastly there are venture capitalists out there who will invest in anything that will make a return

just look at the Jordan show or Peter Andre' they are just followed around with a HD camcorder with earbuds and on cam shotgun mic

and they have a prime time tv show from it so i dont think these days people need a lot to get going if the subject matter is juicy enough and trans are pretty juicy and easy to sell.

you can approach an existing production company and offer to co produce with them as this would mean access to their editing suits, gear and expertise on your terms

A few transpeople have made independent work in particular

* GENDER qu*er: QU'EST-CE QUE C'EST?, (with Cara Lavan) 2005 (5 min)
* JOURNEY INTERSEX, (with Cara Lavan) 1999 (30 min)
* A PRODIGAL SON?, 1998 (15 min)
* PANSEXUAL PUBLIC PORN; The Adventures of Hans & Del, 1996 (12 min)

so it has been done before ;)P

Or approach you art college/FilmSchool they maybe able to help too for free as part of their study work portfolio or in holiday time just to be part of a 'crew'
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