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Paris Lees - This Morning' 150515 - itv1

Postby Ice Maiden » Fri May 15, 2015 2:07 pm


This Morning
Bullied for being transgender
10:40 - 15 May 2015

Imageitv ... paris-lees


Part One - Paris talks about her life and her book.
Part Two - Phone in from 3 people looking for support.

"I am writing a book..."

"I hear stories about people going to their GPs and saying you are not pretty enough to be a woman!"

Sadly beautiful transgender people do set benchmarks in this as well. Although they cannot help looking attractive, the focus shifts quickly across onto the likes of Paris, Jackie Green, Jenna Talackova and how femeinine they look (and sound) and so on, this makes the perceived success target very narrow.

"Look at her she looks like a woman! You don't!"

If the public (like a caller in part two mentioned) passing is really everything, if a transgender person, because they look very masculine and cannot afford surgery, is abused (the very reason they are there talking about transphobia) it is often because they are benchmarked against beautiful women. Most people understand that transgender women who have not had early intervention (hormone blockers) or who are just lucky (like April Ashley and Paris) may look masculine. The problem is when the media place passable transgender woman on a pedestal above the 'blokes in frocks' it actually can create more problems than it solves. Celebrate diversity, not conformity. It would have been nice if a Gender Non-Binary or similar person was with Paris (and a Gay man or Woman as it is about Homophobia too), as this was not about her really it was about the International Day against it, and somehow became about her. Luckily Eamonn remembered to mention it again at the end.

Paris herself, who was described by one caller as a beautiful woman, who then went on to burst into tears over her own trans*daughter, I suspect there maybe some projection there. In that, "why can't my daughter look like you?"

I think it is important to have a good mix of transgender people in the public eye, the trouble is the message today is increasingly, unless one is young beautiful and passable and lives in London (or a tolerant population center) then forget it.

Her advice to the first caller was are you online? Then go to Gires. Poor Gires - more work! What can they do?

The caller in question stated that they had a referral from a psychiatrist and it still has gone nowhere.

I think the caller Lana Jo in part 2 of 'This Morning' made more of an impact on Eamonn who was actually quite angry to think that Paris spoke of how bad it used to be (it wasn't I remember when only 3 people were waiting at Charing Cross for their appointment - you can't get in the doors now as it is almost the same service), and Eamonn and Ruth remember, have been interviewing transgender people for decades. They could not believe it is getting worse.

The distressed mother of a transitioning daughter in her mid 20s,

Paris - "Try Mermaids."

Maybe try Paris? It is all very well passing the buck, the truth is they want her wisdom and her guidance as she is clearly successful and they want to know how come? Sending them on a wild goose-chase is not helpful.

I think Paris was there to speak about the 'International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia'. (On Sunday).

Yet there was very little discussion about that topic, just about her really and when she first felt she was a girl...

Paris I think wanted to tell her life story in the 10 mins on offer, and did not allow Ruth and Eamonn much opportunity to ask questions. At some points Paris was speaking so fast she was audibly gasping and panting for breath between words. Even Eamonn told her to slow down.

It is always a difficult issue this. Paris unlike the other guests who are trans (SEE OUR Transgender Television Awards So a safe bet for Paris as This Morning win them), come in with a set agenda and stick to it, it is all very calm and focused as a result. Paris however, seemed to be trying to squeeze in what guests get 10 mins to do normally, and be a specialist advisor to callers as well. And it was a tad exhausting. Even for the presenters.

Still all part of the learning curve and I hope she will review her appearance and improve on it. For next time.

She just needs to be brutal with what she is going to say, self-edit, sit back, relax and allow the presenters to do their jobs.

Transwoman on the telly
Looked smart and dignified (thats more important than people realise).
Managed to promote her biography a year in advance ;) Nice work! No doubt will be back for its launch.

A bit unfocused and wandered around a bit (wasted precious time) rather than answer the questions asked.
Spoke too quickly and the audience were probably out of breath too, and what she said may have washed over them at the pace she was going.
The advice line section lacked expertise, it may have been better if they had brought in a Gender Clinic Doctor like Richard Curtis or similar to sit with her. As the questions posed were mainly about slow care pathways. That she was unable to answer.

That said she did her best - best of luck. And a worthy issue to raise regarding transphobia.

Image 4/5 TZ Stars - Good.

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