Paris Lees on 'This Week' BBC - Talking about Online Sex

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Paris Lees on 'This Week' BBC - Talking about Online Sex

Postby Ice Maiden » Fri Oct 03, 2014 5:43 pm

This Week

A change from the advertised listing where

Digital Listing originally read as:

"Francesaca Martinez looks at welfare with Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Tom Watson. Plus a review of the Tory Conference week from Isabel Hardman of the Spectator."[ENDS]

This was changed to:

Andrew Neil reviews the political week with panelists Michael Portillo and Tom Watson. They are joined by comedian Francesca Martinez for a film and debate on why she thinks it is unfair to freeze working age benefits. There is a review of the Tory conference week from Isabel Hardman of The Spectator. Miranda Green and Suzanne Evans join in with the panel,... and transgender journalist and presenter Paris Lees talks about the politics of sex.[ENDS]

So anyone with 'Paris' or 'Transgender' in their keywords of programmes would not likely even be aware of her being on it - sadly 'Celebrity Juice' was on at the same time on itv2 so the yoof may have been elsewhere? #pushForTopBilling

The Programme

The show opens with the line-up - Cut to Paris...

Paris speaks to camera...


"Naked Selfies... How Boring, What really excites me is being on the show with you Andrew!"

Then that was the last we saw of her till the very end where she was told to talk about sexy stuff and NOTHING ELSE!

Public Perceptions

I don't know if this flirty style will work or not in the long run, as in the end no matter what she does, she is still trans, and society still struggles with transpanic. And as women age it looks increasingly desperate. What is it they say 30 is 90 in Gay years? The other problem is light-hearted flirting is fine, but many of these men have wives who may well say... "I saw you looking at the girl tonight on your programme... "NEVER HAVE HER ON THE SHOW AGAIN!!!"

Yeah 'pillow talk' has destroyed nations and Monarchies and it will do the same for careers too.. tread carefully!


Francesaca Martinez got a pretty good airing, a video and a sit down argument. I do like Francesaca she is a great role Model for the 'wobbly' (her description of herself).


Andrew to camera - "Tweet us pictures of you in your pyjamas!" Was demanded by Andrew Neil. This was kinda surreal!

["Is that the Metropolitan Police? I would like to report...." Eds]

Paris - "Taking pictures of ourselves is fun isn't it? We have been tied up for centuries trying to cover ourselves up?!"

Comment - This is debatable, just see ... keby-venus This is a selfie... well sort of. The naked body has been carved and dates back to the beginning of time. They just didn't have an iPhone - if they did they would have used it. Botticelli anyone or Rubens? So this idea that the iPhone selfie has freed her from oppression is not the case, as the Net will now be the go to pre-interview space and if the boss sees nakedness or embarrassing behaviour do they really want that in a country that is increasingly relying on front of house and service industry work - unless you wanna work for a pimped rapper club or playboy bunnies that is. I think we are no more free today than those painters were then, men controlled the oils, men still control the media. In fact it was probably better back then as that took a lot of time and a lot of canvass wipes (no puns) before they were happy with the paining. Today the mistake is instant!

Paris - "We are all naked underneath"

Yes and that is why clothes are so important. Would the public want to see those men sat their naked and would they be taken seriously? It would be funny. But its a fair point! (no puns).

Paris - "I've got salty pics online and I think most people under 30 do these days."

This is a sweeping statement.

Andrew - "It is a generational thing, and young people are more likely to do this?"

Paris - "Everybody is having it off with one another on Tinder!"

[Again a sweeping statement... Everybody? Eds]

Andrew - "On Tinder?" "I am not on Tinder..."

Paris - "Yeah you can just go in there, find people around you and just go and have sex with them really!"

Andrew - "What online?"

Paris - "No, you'd have to be in person for that..."

Andrew - "Oh you would?""Oh is that how it works?"

[Paris was being flippant - I understood what Andrew meant here that the topic was phone sex and she was on about another topic booking sex by phone - that is not new trust me! Eds]

Paris Goes on - "Yeah it still works like that yeah!"

Andrew - "Ah OK?" "I thought the online had changed it all?

(The men guffaw).

Andrew - "Don't you think one day when these young people are older they will regret that they've posted all these naked pictures of themselves."

Paris - "Well I think it is really interesting actually, that we didn't have all this social media when I was 14 or 15, in many ways I think I am glad because (shudders) I would have put all sorts on there! When you are that age and you are insecure, you are looking for that validation, but if everyone's doing it we maybe alright? And everyone is doing it really.

Comment - Everyone again? I do not think everyone is sexting. Well only those that need 'Likes' to validate their existence, make the most of it in 10 years it will probably stop. Still nice memories. I suspect in 40 years there will be a world of pseudo-aging Hollywood type stars looking at YouTube remembering "When I was young I was prwetty." Truth is When the world Leaders can do it without getting the sack (no puns) Then she may have a valid argument. Sadly the dispossessed or those with nothing to lose (well at the moment) tend to do this and always have. I mean Sylvester Stalone was in a porn film. AT the time he felt it was necessary. But not since! As he grew up and became successful.

I think people need to forget this is ONLINE and somehow distant, and detach from that and imagine it is in the local newspaper on the front page. You, nude, waving your bits about! Then it actually sends a cold shiver down you spine! Recompartmentalise this and think like this next time you see a photo. Would Paris be proud to see this on the front of her home town newspaper? ... paris-lees
with this photo? ... 00/photo/1 Maybe she would?

But this is just as accessible. She was no doubt proud of this Headline ... story.html But the other articles and images were not included? And there is a good reason for this. That they would likely have embarrassed her or any young person whose family was showing off how well their children had done. Online images no matter who they are (this is not aimed at her I am talking about the people she is talking about), will be embarrassing to to someone, a boyfriend they are yet to date, an employer they are yet to need in 10 years when their light has dimmed and they need a clean cut image? Or a parent whose neighbours happen across the tawdry stuff. This does happen. I for one feel it should not be encouraged. Life is a long time when you are a teenager! Don't ruin it for some meaningless 'Likes' from people you will unlikely ever meet and who do not care about you beyond the initial image 'hit'. Snapchat (that deletes images after a short time) does not work btw as you can take a photo of the photo or screen grab it! DOH!

Andrew - "Do you think this is a scandal."

Paris - "Well it is hardly the profumo affair is it?" [ ]

Andrew - "No a government has not been brought down by it."

Paris - "I think there are some serious problems at the moment, we are dismantling the welfare state, There are kids where the only square meal they are getting is at school. And we are destroying the natural world and um... the wildlife, and we will be looking back at this and the generation above , that is actually dismantling the welfare state and um these things that are going on and be really confused as to.... why we are really hung up on these pointless sexual taboos."




Andrew - (CLOSES THIS DOWN) "I am not going to follow you down the welfare state route, but I am going to ask you has the internet changed sexual morality?"

Paris - "I think so, it has definitely presented more opportunities. [I think you should maybe say Me and I rather than Us in this conversation as it makes more sense, Eds]. And I think it has allowed us to be more ourselves. And we are creatures of temptation, and we are all susceptible to the pleasures of the flesh, and that's not such a bad thing and I don't want to be run by robots, I want to be run by actual human beings, who do you know in your lives or hasn't been in this situation who hasn't been tempted."

[Technical Comment
by Editor on this issue.
Almost half of all twitter followers are Robots Paris - FACT! ... tter-bots/
Twitter is run by scripts and code inside robots called servers, all your images are hosted by smart software, cookies are dropped onto your surfing habits so they can track you, technology is following your every move by triangulation, unmonitored, robots do this as part of their programming and then you can map where you have been, no human required. Your phone is not human, yet you interact with it all day long, more so than probably any other human. You ARE run by Robots already! Here is your interaction with Twitter - the only human until someone (probably a robot RT) responds is you! ... itter-run/ Meet you robot overlords!
Grey Goo time!
It is coming read
So Paris your opomisim that it will all be fine is a mistake - it is all downhill from here ;)
Watch our video on this very topic :) ... gARKZEQFOA

Andrew responds to the allegation that he knows people who does what she does...


Andrew (SCOLDING HER) - "Nobody!" "I don't know anybody who would fall into that category."

Andrew - "Does this lead to the sexualisation of young people at an early age?"

Paris - "I think so, but I don't really buy into that ... people are sexual [What about asexual? Eds] Maybe we are moving to a place where we can say, we are all animals, we are all a bit sexual and it is OK to express that. And we need to make sure we are keeping safe, but we can't ... I don't think people are more sexual, but I think we are more ourselves."

[That was not the question he asked... Eds.]

Andrew - "Is this a fad, or is this sort of thing going to be with us forever?"

Paris - "What SEX?!!!" (MOCKING HIM).


Andrew - "Noooo (a bit annoyed at her remark), the internet, and using the internet to post pictures, and what we have been talking about."

[The joke went down like a lead balloon and she quickly composed herself. Eds]

Paris - "I don't think we can close the door on it now [CHINA CAN! IT IS JUST A SWITCH! EDS - ... ntrol.html]

The technology's there and I think people are going to use it, and it is good fun actually, when no one gets hurt... [Unless you need a job and your family depend on an income and a nude photo stops you getting it of course - in 10 years, Eds].

Andrew (SHUFFLING HIS PAPERS TIME TO GO - and sitting back) - "some people can get hurt."

Paris - "But people can get hurt in different ways, the, th, th I am of the view that its gonna open up some good things, it is gonna be used for some bad things as well.

Technical comment - [No doubt Paris here are 4 links to get you started from the last month ... 000032211/ ... rity-flaw/ ... explained/ ... -it-hurts/ and Twitter owns everything you have put on its servers, and they can turn your account off tomorrow and there is nothing you can do about it. Have you own server! Eds.]

Paris Continues... "As with any technology, we are very much in uncharted territory now, but it will be interesting how it pans out, but I think we'll be alright in the end."

Andrew (ENDS WITH A SELFIE GALLERY) - "Paris Thanks for being with us."


This was more than Paris being on the telly, the subject was a technology topic and social engineering, so this is why it requires more than just a simple comment.

First and foremost lets take a look at the guest... Paris Lees.

A transgender person is the goto choice for SEX issues? Why? Francesaca Martinez would have been an interesting choice here and a good swap as Paris really wanted the Welfare argument, as I rarely hear about disability and sex.

Put 'Tranny' into Google images and its like drowning in it!

The BBC's most hated topic seems to be erections as 'Operation Yew Tree' has buried the whole thought of men in power discussing sex as taboo once again. I kinda agree in some ways why don't people just have sex and shut up. Who cares what consenting adults get up to between the sheets? Talking about or putting it online it just is salacious nonsense. If Paris was 72 nobody would be interested. Just sayin'...

Andrew got quite frosty when she suggested he did this sort of thing... I can smell BBC bridges burning... It did not have the 'Oak in his penis' reaction from a year earlier on 'Question Time'.

So it was for this reason she was not only paraded like some 'prize' at a sexy fun fair, "Stay tuned as Paris will talk about the naughty things we dare not go near as we know that they will destroy our careers and indeed have done this week!" - use a transperson as a proxy instead - Watch and learn!

It was just seen as a bit of a filler... Why choose Paris? I think that's an interesting mindset.

Find someone who is an expert on sex on the internet? Or who have we got the number of someone for this topic? Someone who is unusual? Would like to know how they considered her for this as its not actually a trans issue, although she had 'Journalist and Transgender Activist' in her lower third title.

In this instance Andrew Neil, Michael Portillo and Tom Watson sat there, and clearly were unimpressed with all this internet nonsense, about these impetuous yoof.

When Paris finally got to speak after the little sexting montage, they made damned sure she was not going to comment on anything else! You were booked to talk about sex darlin' and that is what you will be doing! No one here on our esteemed panel is interested in the witterings of some odd character who posts sexy photos of themselves online - just do the piece... (This is what I felt they were actually saying in so many words) and she got frustrated trying to go off topic.

She attempted to state that whilst they are all worried about what is in effect a 'minor issue' and that sex is what everyone is up to, and that taking photos of yourself in provocative poses is fun (not for everyone) there are people really struggling with food in society.

I think she would have preferred the Francesaca Martinez slot (no pun intended) about the welfare state, than talking about people taking pics of their 'privates', but telly is telly eh?

The truth is 'Madonna' was completely Naked in her video by the roadside and that was 25 years ago! And somehow I saw that photo without the Internet so how did that happen? That's a skill in itself! It was cos a show like this showed me it. Who remembers who showed me it?

So Miley Cyrus is tame compared to that, as now, who cares? What is fresh about sexy pics? It is not new or shocking, even politically, when compared to Frankie Goes to Hollywood in the video 'Relax!' Or the Sex Pistols of the Grundy show


And that was the Michael Portillo Era! He was in his early 30s then. Those men sat with Paris were younger and saw all that, and no doubt debated it too (mass debated it? [GROAN] NM! :p) and that was the culture they lived under. So I think Paris sat there telling them that this is 'new' and what young people do was probably what they closed down a little. Its like Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs.

I mean here is some of the video clips they used from this year and I will compare them to 25-30 years ago to show that this is all pointless.

EXAMPLE 1 - 2014

EXAMPLE 2 - 1990

I used this example as I know Paris is a fan of Madonna. But for her pals at Attitude. Frankie made far more of an impact with his video than Miley.

Here is another example

Example 1 - 2013

EXAMPLE 2 - 1984!!!

The examples above show that when it REALLY MATTERED politically it was worth doing. Then it was more of a V Sign to the establishment, Boy George and Julia Grant changed people's views of gender non-conformity far more than Nadia Almada, as it was truly shocking for people to not realise Boy George was a chap under all that. And yes sex was going on all the time too, the internet did not invent sex. It just gave everyone a window to peer through :). The window back then was television (and sleazy porn cinemas) and to be fair the BBC and Channel 4 did a great job at the time. That's the failing of today, that this has replaced it - they once had good television with only 4 channels and before that only 3! And before that not even BBC 2 was available until the late 70s. Telly MATTERED then and what they showed us about transpeople was earth shattering! Today the only way to 'shock' is to show your privates - that's a bit sad and pathetic really!

Puff Piece

Ironically this followed 'Question Time', something she made her mark on here

viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4024 That was the 31/10/2013

Hasn't time flown by! Back then she spoke about "Oak in Ed Milliband's Penis" and the expressions on the faces of the male politicians when she said that (I think unwisely) faces were almost identical to those similar male faces tonight on 'This Week'. Faces that says patronisingly, "she is a cheeky young thing..." And something to cheer them up for 5 mins, but now, "toddle off as we have important things to talk about." Were it not for Savile I suspect someone may have smacked her bottom as she left... It just all felt like that. And Andrew had to really ensure he had none of this nonsense on his watch, as he reinforced the fact that he would NEVER do this nor would his colleagues. This made Paris look a little grubby sadly :(

But whilst a transwoman has been on television, she was in a strait-jacket metaphorically speaking. Some may say of her own making. They have probably glanced at 'Vice' Blogs she writes and her sitting on her AGA in her twitter feed... ... 00/photo/1

Whilst this is good fun and if men were doing it, a bit of a laugh. It will haunt her in the long run i fear.

The UK is, and always has been really quite prudish, as is society in general. Ironically this is why Miley Sirus Twerking makes a headline! If it was not seen as 'shocking' then she wouldn't do it. If painting yourself blue and shouting "PEANUTS!" Was outrageous Simon Cowell would have the Dulux paint out for 1D as we speak!


The Politicians and the Church may well be hypocrites, and Peter Tatchell (with male privilege) has made it his life's work to expose their hypocrisy, but in the end their army (of faith is bigger than his army of activists), and he ends up labeled a 'trouble-maker' and a 'crank' by many and the House of Lords where the Bishops wield power and own so much of the UK. They will naturally frown on all this as will much of Islam and they have power! So I admire her courage to stand up for this issue even if I disagree with it.



They considered Paris as a Transgender person especially when as there are no shortage of people on 'Towie' or 'Made in Chelsea' for example who could discussed selfies.

She smiles these days, I said it a year ago, I quote, "Paris Smiles for the first time. I think she should smile more, the dour goth thing can be a bit austere, a smile lights up her face. Of course smiling too much can be just as bad :). But Lets see those pearly whites Paris it makes a big difference to your likeability factor. What is it the Hollywood elite do? Press your tongue up behind your front teeth when you do it. (not if you have dentures of course ;))" See viewtopic.php?f=16&t=4024

She smiled on this program she smiled on 'The Wright Stuff' It works for her! It raises the cheekbones and makes her warm and approachable. I know what I am talking about! (I worked as a photojournalist for the press in the South West in my yoof).


1. She should try and maintain eye-contact with these men. They see her looking down and they will see this as submissive. This may work in 'some situations' but not with adversaries. Never look away from your opponent... even when you bow! (Bruce Lee said that I think?)

2. They considered Paris for this piece - this may suggest that she is someone who has taken the Cynthia Payne Role nobody wants as a social commentator. It maybe a good thing or a bad thing. See She was their Era too! LOL They made a film of her life. Paris may get that one day. But who would elect Cynthia Payne to be Prime Minister?

I think to get to that level the individual would at least need the following atm.

So that transperson would have to be Married, with children, have no criminal record, be white (probably) and likely to be a transman (less traumatic for the voters) and be a man of faith (probably COE) to appease the Lords and middle-Englanders.

That is a tough ask! And when they arrive they have to want to be a politician! This is what society wants. Obama was not a ghetto Rapper, he was a very smart and erudite male, the Colour of his skin becomes less of an issue when you are that charismatic.

Do you think if Obama had said, "George W Bush has Oak in his Penis," he would be in the White house right now? Just Sayin'.

It is really frustrating to be held where she is, like some hood ornament. But it does not take long before one realises that the world does not actually spin around us, and that more often than not we are being 'used' when all the time we thought we were the smart one #Machiavelli This is the BBC all over!

But this social demand is so far away from Paris, that I think it is fight or flight time. The thing that made her notable was her appetite for personal growth. She has done that. However, the pace of the world does not function at the same speed as her ambition - it grinds along and she is a year older already. So I could clearly see her frustration here. Her being closed down because 'some woman had an opinion beyond being a sexual plaything' annoyed me and a number of others watching have already contacted me about it.

It makes no difference if you like Paris or not. She was 'shut down'. This could be argued, she was going off topic, and the host had to manage the guests no matter who they are, and they have a show that is against the clock, Lord knows I have been there trying to host groups. I just feel she was bursting to speak about serious issues and all they wanted was a frippery. Bolting her on at the end meant they could use her as a 'filler' until the clock went ping. The pre-recorded items and other guests had a better opportunity.

3. Sex - Stick it in there and rub...

Those interviewing her were careful not to suggest for a moment they ever did such a thing as sex and even labeled themselves 'old fashioned' (that's code for not sleazy like the youth of today that do not matter) but that was a dig also meaning their honourable values are old fashioned. Indeed, many politicians state they are "old fashioned" to gain sympathy with the prudish middle-class and older electorate who shun youth as threatening as a rule. Fads pass, nothing lasts forever Even Johnny Rotten is an old Geezer now(!), and maybe the men on the show were right, maybe this is storing up a disaster for these young people's futures. One where they will be interviewed by Twitter and Facebook before they even get an interview - it has already happened! Ironically she was called Paris too! Not exactly happy in the picture is she - that's being 'modern' for yah! She is but the first of many. To have trial by social media. If she had pics of her nude would that have gone any better?

Those men also have grandchildren I suspect and fear for their futures no doubt as they do not want them to get caught up in all this and ruin their futures. Would you want you surgeon to be spreadeagled showing his penis on twitter? If not why not? Would he lose respect? Why - this is not rocket science.

Old Fashioned Values are code for you are ne'er-do-well

"I say Lady Jayne I am not sure those girls should be dancing like that!" "Oh Bishop they call themselves 'Flappers' we Bishops are Old Fashioned I suppose!"


Nothing changes!
The comment 'Old Fashioned used here was loaded with moral judgement. And still is!

Those interviewing her were careful not to suggest for as moment they ever did such a thing as sex, and even labeled themselves 'old fashioned' but that was a dig also meaning their honourable values too are old fashioned.


Paris was invited on a television show to give an opinion, she did, they had an agenda, she tried to speak about something more important, she was told to stick with the sex as that is what she was there for, Paris looked at the floor a lot and sat it out. I think it could have gone better. She did look overwhelmed and I felt for her a little. The 'Glass ceiling' is touching her nose and it is bullet-proof sadly!
Disclaimer!!!! Please Read!

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." M.Mead

Man [...] must count no one but himself; that he is alone, abandoned on earth in the midst of his infinite responsibilities, without help, with no other aim than the one he sets himself, with no other destiny than the one he forges for himself on this earth." - J.P.Sartre.

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Re: Paris Lees on 'This Week' BBC - Talking about Online Sex

Postby Ice Maiden » Fri Oct 03, 2014 7:04 pm

#NoSexPleaseWeAreBritish :clap: :tongueoutx: :kiss: :lolno: :P :lol:
Disclaimer!!!! Please Read!

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have." M.Mead

Man [...] must count no one but himself; that he is alone, abandoned on earth in the midst of his infinite responsibilities, without help, with no other aim than the one he sets himself, with no other destiny than the one he forges for himself on this earth." - J.P.Sartre.

Who am I?

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Re: Paris Lees on 'This Week' BBC - Talking about Online Sex

Postby Lustinemae16 » Tue Jan 12, 2016 2:35 pm

I am very impressed with Paris for being so vocal with her opinions being sexy. I find it true also that we are all naked underneath but we have fashioned clothes tend to expose our total body. :gigglersx:

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Re: Paris Lees on 'This Week' BBC - Talking about Online Sex

Postby Gladimeir15 » Sun Feb 21, 2016 7:53 am

Being sexy with the dress you are wearing for would make every man stare at you :tongueoutx: Fashion still plays an important rule for women to have a sexy look.

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