Lorraine - 81 y-o Miranda Posonby - "The Making of Miranda"

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Lorraine - 81 y-o Miranda Posonby - "The Making of Miranda"

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Sep 18, 2014 6:06 pm



Lorraine interviews Miranda Posonby and she is exactly my point about older people. Look at Kellie Maloney? And now Miranda. Thank goodness she wrote all this down - otherwise they would have been lost gems. She is almost Hattie Jacques (The big Nurse Matriach (MATRON!) in Carry On Films)! I think there is a comedy right here tbh!

Carry On! Trans on the Ward! Anyone?

Lorraine opens...

"Roger became Miranda"


Lorraine talks about her book, 'The Making of Miranda'.


"I had trouble sitting on a tractor afterwards"

Lorraine - "I'll bet you did!"

"He left one of the testicles in! Silly Ar*e!"

Cameramen GUFFAW!

"I went to the NHS and they said you got to pretend to be a woman for 3 years! I said I am not doing that so saw a plastic surgeon and he said ÂŁ6,000 I'll see you next Tuesday!"

"People come up to me and say you are Miranda! You looked after my Aunty! I ask how is she? They say, She's Dead!"


HAHAHA this is so dry! :lol: :clap:

It is interesting just how the older trans women have come to dominate of late in part thanks to Kellie Maloney!

So very happy about that.

A very interesting woman with a story to tell.

LOL love her! 81 and what a character! Note to broadcasters obsessed with youth and beauty. You are missing out!

Lorraine described her as a 'Tonic' and the Cameramen where heard to be laughing even! Genius! [yesss]

Watch Now! (15mins in after first commercial break)
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