BBC 3 Counties Janett Scott James Barrett FTM A PERFECT HOUR

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BBC 3 Counties Janett Scott James Barrett FTM A PERFECT HOUR

Postby Ice Maiden » Wed Jul 02, 2014 3:02 pm


Janett Scott BBC Three Counties

Gender Dysphoria
Duration: 1 hour
First broadcast: Sunday 29 June 2014

This is Janet Scott (left) and Samantha Williams (right). Both have experienced gender dysphoria and both now live as women. Some estimates suggest as many as 3 million people may experience gender dysphoria. But what causes it? And what can you do about it?

Samantha Williams received hate mail because she's transgender.



This is available for a limited time online 3 days from today so hurry but we of course have archived the entire show for the Transgender Media Archives.



I give credit where credit is due and in this the BBC have played a blinder! The best hour of radio I have have listened to in a very long time!

Excellent, and has all the ingredients of what a radio programme should have. Knowledge and expertise, great humour (Janett was quality and although some of her gags are staples they work every time!) Janett shows us how slick she is and an old hand at all this, plus she gave a true human warmth to the proceedings that without her may have been a bit too serious and that's a tough balance to get right. Only timing and experience works in this. The show also addresses being a trans parent, trans history, FTM, surgery and what gender dysphoria is and how it is treated. And a rare caller is that of Dr James Barrett head of Clinic Charing Cross. With the greatest respect, in comparison to quite often self-indulgent Radio with thumping back tracks and sound bites, this by contrast just flies up, up and away. Decide for yourself. Its an hour where the listener actually comes out the other side calm and with an understanding of what this is all about. It is not trivialised, and how wonderful to at last hear some older voices, they demonstrate that solely focusing on youth (whilst important as part of the picture) is a mistake. A true coup for BBC Three Counties. I just hope the parent BBC services were listening too!

A 5 STAR NO-BRAINER! If Janett and the show was naff I would say it! I have done so with other friends - that was uncomfortable ;) - I have integrity. But you can hear it now and listen yourself.

Image 5/5 TZ Stars - Excellent!

Full Commentary

Well Janett Scott is a Co Host every week on our VLOG see http://www.TransgenderZone.TV or

She is ex-president of the Beaumont Society who had arguably the best 10 years of television during her 1990s tenure. She has forgotten more than many activists today think they know. For once someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk #MBEforJanettScott - we have a file and letters of support from the great and the good at the Cabinet Office and continually press for this terrible oversight to be rectified!

OBE anyone? We may have to up the pressure for this to happen!

You can hear her full audio biography with me here viewtopic.php?f=17&t=2999

Made my day!
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