A double for Paris Lees This Month - Lorraine and Radio 4

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A double for Paris Lees This Month - Lorraine and Radio 4

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Jun 29, 2014 12:38 am

Saturday Live
BBC Radio 4

Richard Coles and Aasmah Mir with campaigner Paris Lees, orphans Rob and Paul Forkan, teen pundit Jenni Herd, prostate champ Errol McKellar, and Fatboy Slim. Includes 10.00am News.


Pretty safe set up the Rev Richard Coles who is ex an ex Communards (1980s) Band Member so it don't get much safer and more comfortable than that. You may have seen him on 'Have I got News for You' or 'QI' he is the 'posh comedy vicar'.

On the plus side Paris told her story, of course having logged her broadcasts, I almost know it off by heart now. In this programme there were a few emails they posed to her. I was a tad dissappointed at how she deflected them. I think she is good with her own script, but does tend to avoid anything else.

One was about a Crossdresser who asked where they stood in this Brave new World. She just said something about when she was on a forum back in the day she got hostile to crossdressers and that they shouldn't be part of transsexual herarchy... and that they are all part of the rainbow.

I noticed a similar avoidance strategy when she appeard on 'Woman's Hour' and she basically said, "it is important we have this conversation..." and repeated this or similar, a number of times but never actualy answered the question. So I feel this frustration, the same frustration many have with politicians who never seem to answer a question either. It may work for them as they have to toe the party line. But Paris in this regard is an 'independent' by the same logic and can say more or less what she likes. Being reserved just doesn't seem to work for me after the story she has told about her life as a 'wild child'.

She is in the public eye and people will see her as some sage of all things trans. She did mention 'Mermaids' as a good charity as she was asked if there are any good support groups out there. Yeah I would go along with that, that's good advice. But maybe she could slip in Gires as most trans are over 18.

It maybe she does not want to upset the listeners, or staying on the fence, or she lacks the experience to answer them? I have no idea, but I think she should be a bit more opinionated as it all falls a bit flat else. Plus people in genuine need NEED answers even if it is just sympathy.

More in the Logs see June 2014 (when published).



Morning show with a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip. Maureen Lipman talks about her role in the play Daytona, which transfers to the West End this month, plus Toyah Willcox recalls her starring role alongside Ray Winstone, Sting, Leslie Ash and Phil Daniels in the classic film Quadrophenia, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year.


Well Paris Lees turns up give a bit of a plug for her Radio documentary about prison where she returns to the prison she was in 10 years on. She gave a similar plug a week earlier on BBC Radio 4 see above.

Lorraine described her as "modest" :) Sorry... Probably not read her social pages.

Look, to be honest Lorraine has had more trans bums on her sofas than you could shake a stick at that date all the way back to her GMTV days. She has the exact same, you are brand new and I have never heard this before expression on her face for each of them. She makes individuals feel special and like they are the only person in the room.

She always treated transgender people well and of course she would treat Paris the same way. Below I will just snatch a few stills from the Transgender Zone Media Archives to show that Lorraine has not been top 'mumsy' presenter and one of the most liked women on television for nothing. Paris could learn a thing or two from her I think. Being humble is a big advantage in the media, but that does not gel well with Instagram. And of course being 'nice' to those in authority can work against activism as when they scr*w up, they cannot say anything as they may pay their wages.

So Lorianne was well...All very nice, however there were a few

issues that Paris could have avoided or reworded.

This line for example - "When I was younger I was looking out for people like me, people who were not ridiculed or being abused and there just wasn't anybody!"

To be fair she herself says until she had facial surgery and that she struggled and was a recluse. So to be 'like her' you need a few quid obviously and Facial Feminisation was in its infancy in the 80s it was the brainchild of Dr Ousterhout. So the women she was looking for were in stealth cos they were genetically very lucky, you only found out about them when they were outed, April Ashley and Caroline Cossey being a case in point!

If Paris had a face like a bag of spanners and sounded like a man and had the same levels of popularity. I would see that as progress.

But the pressures for women in the media to be pretty to get jobs is a backwards step some might say. To be a transwoman in the media even tougher!

Men do not have the same problem. And most trans have no chance, so this is all questionable progress when the only other top Pink List http://www.independent.co.uk/news/peopl ... 76183.html hall of fame trans girl is Jackie Green (Beauty Queen) And the likes of the dashing young trans men like Raphael Fox.

Paris gets a lot of ridicule and much of it from her peer group if you know where to listen (I get cheek too goes with the territory :) but to assume everyone loves you is absurd) I mean if Jenna Talackova gets ridicule for being trans it cannot be a sexual attractiveness issue! It is all far more primal than that!

I just report what I see. But Paris does have a lot of fans and thats good too, well you can't please all of the people 'n' all that. But Stephen Whittle was very well liked and thats rare but it was a fact! so it can only be misogyny or sexual attractiveness and jealousy? Or is it Paris just doesn't 'connect' well with trans people outside her 'passing privilege' level, but connects well with non-trans? Answers on a postcard. Its all moot anyway as she is out as trans so she is always going to be seen as trans - many transwomen want to live in stealth rather than cash-in - more on that later.

I think there is a fear of upsetting her when she is interviewed by the presenters she meets, that they have to be Politically Correct to the point of fidgeting and 'gush' a little, and this is sometimes patronising. This does give her a lot of space to manoeuvre in conversations as they are on the backfoot and a little worried they may say the wrong thing - but evidence shows this can be exhausting for people who have to function like this and they soon drop their guard in the absence of trans people - like some release valve - Alan Carr is an example of this, the week after Eddie Izzard was on it was Tranny this and tranny that for laughs but never to his face!!!

Paris tells her story. I kinda know it by heart now. So she will need some new material soon I guess.

'The difficult second album' for trans minor celebrities. My advice Paris is get yourself on 'Big Brother'! It has been a godsend and a second wind rescue for Lauren Harries. I will whisper about a bit ;) and see if its something Endemol might consider. After all there were no trans in the main show this year that leaves two celebrity ones to go! A summer and Christmas one!

That Big Brother topic can sustain at least a year of Personal Appearances, new stories to discuss, cameos and a new fan base - speak to your agent!

Plus you'll get around ÂŁ50 grand+. You are well known enough I think to get on Celebrity BB but again get your bum in gear whilst you are still a hot property!

Anyways back to Lorraine Paris goes on:

"What we are seeing now [With Transgender people] is what we saw with Gay people in the 90s."

Um does anybody remember Julian Clary in the 80S? Or John Inman in the 70s? Or Frankie Goes to Hollywood in the 80s or Boy George or...

What is she talking about???!

She continues, "There was no one that was taken seriously. For me it started with Nadia Almada in Big Brother.[2004]"

For her is a key element here as that's her opinion and fine. However, it is something that does seem to suggest that was when it all began.

This just does not sit right with me at all. It is actually not only ageist it seriously undermines the fantastic campaigns and efforts of the many people I have known during that time who WERE taken seriously and television was full of them - she was maybe unable to watch them in jail or at school but daytime telly was jam packed with positive portrayals of transpeople even make-overs on This Morning! There was also a plethora of late night telly. Maybe Paris was out? She had to watch telly to see them I guess? The big difference was there was no internet until the mid 90s! And that changed everything! And still does for her today. But I think she should stop! Close her eyes and imagine what she would have done had there been no internet! Then open her eyes and realise just how hard it was to campaign without it and just how much respect is due to these transgender activists she dismisses so easily. Without the net Jackie Green's mum would have found sourcing a US doc to block her puberty far tougher and Paris would have struggled as we all did.

The people who changed government policies so she can not be sacked for wearing a frock to work. And if the police arrest her they will gender her properly! The fact she can 'use the ladies toilets' doesn't even cross her mind I suspect! This didn't happen by magic I was there and I was doing this too with local government and Essex Police in the late 90s.

Ironically the Judge who helped get her top of the Pink List was none other than Christine Burns - she was there too!

I mean she cites Nadia Almada. Well Nadia was around successfully before Big Brother when she arrived at BB she had had her surgery. But in 2010 she tried to kill herself when she was booed out of the final series on Channel 4 called 'Ultimate Big Brother'. Why she flared up? Because she said 'Coolio' (a black rapper) who was a fellow housemate was transphobic to her. Nevertheless that was where that all ended.

So transwomen were still not being taken seriously by that logic.

In the 80s and 90s there were a plethora of transgender programmes.

From Faye Presto who was a magician and had a series about her, to Stephanie Anne Lloyd who founded the transformation chain, and trans were on telly far more than Paris is today.

And more often than not taken seriously. I have reams of data and videos to demonstrate this! Stephanie was a millionaire transwoman, even had her own series 'Hotel Stephanie' on the BBC more recently. But she has been around for decades. Stephen Whittle OBE um how did he get that?

Stephen presented 'The Heart of the Matter 'which was a major political flagship show in the 90s. (see images below).

Janett Scott was on every tv programme there was.

Julia Grant had the ground breaking Documentary 'A Change of Sex' in 1979 and has been popular ever since. Lost count of her personal appearances on telly - she was even more recently on the Spanish version of 'Four in a bed' about Bed and Breakfast accommodation shown on Channel 4!

Remember Julia was not old when she got famous back then she was just like like Paris is now. And I would guess it was a little more important in 1979?

She is even on our VLOG on Mondays so ask her! I will raise this as a topic so look out for it.

The thing is Paris is looking in the wrong place for role models.

She wants them on telly.

Most actors including her to her credit say they are not role-models as they just get filmed at work and many have made questionable or bad choices in their lives. Quite right and I applaud Paris for saying that she is not a role-model - smart move!

I would like to see transgender people in drama and comedy. They will become role-models only if they are squeaky clean.

However, the next job she has is to stop referring to this world of 'BP' and 'AP' 'Before Paris' and 'After Paris' like she is some messiah who has come to save the transgender world. Truth is since she has arrived television has shown some terrible transphobic scenes. But it will be a conflict or an 'Ethical Dilemma' when the people you may work for are transphobic and if you say something you might burn your bridges - I don't envy her that one bit!

And it is currently far worse than it was before Nadia Almada ;)

We know Television has nose dived as we report on broadcasters and you can read them all.

Hollyoaks created a new Hayley Cropper - Paris says it is based on her (see the Sun) well so far its way off - some say. "big deal" about Blessing Chambers and, "that's been done 1998," another cisgender girl pretends to be trans [YAWN!]. People were advising Granada on how Julie should play Hayley in her role 17 years ago and back then according to Paris when no one was taken seriously ;). Where did those advisers come from? They were out active and available. But now forgotten.

Roberta Cowell was a racing Driver in the 50s and on Pathe' news reels (very positive!). Tula was a Bond Girl!

I would mention April Ashley but she was in France out of the way sunning herself - she popped back for her MBE? Given for existing I think?

The Trans world has not moved much, in fact from where I am sat I do not see much change at all. The media are still using and draining Paris of her currency and of her story like digital vampires. I just hope that when that is spent they still want her? As the next hot young trans thing will be along shortly and Their story will be brand new and untold. Probably be on TOWIE or something similar!

I remember an old Joke that Stephen K. Amos said, "I am waiting for Lenny Henry to Die so I can get some work for the BBC!" And his black minority is a majority compared to trans. This suggests that there is not a lot of room for transpeople in the media. So one in one out seems to be the order of the day. And aging is a cruel bedfellow in Broadcasting if you are female and if you work for the gay press 30 is 90 in Gay years! (Old Joke!)




Here are a few Lorraine snaps just to show she has always been kindly and fair to transpeople over decades of her career and Paris needs to remember she is one of the many many many on the conveyer belt who have added a little piece to the puzzle it is unlikely to be completed in her lifetime.

I do say one thing, Paris of late is now dropping her guard a bit in how she looks. The 'no make-up make-up look' works well for her. It takes a lot of work to look like one is not wearing any :) Her burgundy tinted hair is less austere than the Goth thing she had going on before. An altogether more approachable Paris and yes you heard me say it... I think it is an improvement! She just now needs to work on respecting the elder activists from the 80s and 90s (even if it grinds her gears to do so!) and she will be on top! whatever that is :)

Trust me! ;)

So many of Lorraine's trans guests! Lorraine's Hairstyle is better now at least ;) But funny to watch that change like the season she ages better than an old claret. Back to wine again.

(All Images TransgenderZone.com Television Archives)

Then Sex worker Jackie McAulliffe BBC Paddington Green Star Released a CD of Piano Music! A familliar path. Yet they soon moved on after her currency was spent! From Young 14 y-o Trans lads in the 90s. To 'Lucy the Teenage Transsexual'. Its all been done - Paris just missed it all!







No one was respected on television before 2004?

What about Stephen presenting the BBC Flagship 'Heart of the Matter' in the 90s?



I could go on forever! For every image here at least 10 more are between them.

But Respect due!

Ironically some of the clips we have that have teenagers sadly some time ago I was asked by them that I do not publish stills from their clips. In case you are wondering where the yoof are. I think for Paris the biggest enemy is stealth. I know very attractive young women younger than her, one is married and lives stealth. She would shock you just how beautiful she is but she wants to be the woman she is, not a transgender woman, or a curiosity. And this remains a big issue and why Paris never really saw the people she wanted to see. So for that Paris is doing a good job. But she is aging too. All I know is when I was 16 I thought someone 23 (a teacher) was ancient! Someone over 30 was a dusty relic!

Image 4/5 TZ Stars - Good.

Would be excellent if she just looked back a little further in time!
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