BAFTAS - British Academy Television Awards - TRANNY?

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BAFTAS - British Academy Television Awards - TRANNY?

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon May 13, 2013 12:15 pm

BAFTAS British Academy Television Awards

The winners and true 'Losers' in this years awards ceremony hosted by Graham Norton.


BAFTA, ah the glitz, the class, those elitist, yet distant talents we all adore in the celebrity pages.

"What are you wearing?"

We watch as they pour in to the Royal Festival Hall with more celebs than you can shake a stick at, all hoping tonight will be their night.

Graham Norton was a safe pair of hands for this event, and apart from a few slip-ups he managed to do pretty well. Well most of that audience has been on his chat show promoting their latest 'projects' and likely want to again, so they are not going to give him a hard time.

Speaking of Hard Times - I was constantly distracted by everyone standing at the lectern wearing a DESIGNER BAFTA CROTCH CODPIECE. Last seen in the 1980s on CAMEO here - ... 87899c.jpg

Image bbc

This became quite amusing as the evening went on with practically all the winners lining up in front of this daft perspex glass effect.

The design of the lectern, with microphones bolted to it picked up every hand tap, I guess one designer is now looking for a new job - put the mics on stands on the floor next time.

Maybe it was an in-joke?

Amongst those nominated were David Walliams - no stranger to the transphobic comment - for his Christmas airing of 'Mr Stink',

And this with Roald Dahl still turning in his grave (his books are more than a little influence on David's writing and cartoon illustrations anyone can see that). I am waiting for JK Rowling to snuff it so I can do my book called Parry Otter the animal with magical powers - don't laugh it could work ;).

David didn't win. Then Alan Carr won a BAFTA for 'Chatty Man' search our site for 'Alan Carr'. The last thing he needs is encouragement. And surprisingly Graham Norton also won one for his show. Hmmm is there a theme to all this?

But the night was to get better - and worse.

Graham Norton - "BAFTA for specialist factual given in honour of Huw Wheldon"

Nominations -
*All in the best possible taste with Grayson Perry - viewtopic.php?f=106&t=3100
*The Plot to bring down Britain's Planes - How terrorists nearly caused a disaster in the UK.
*The Secret History of our Streets - Historical comparing the maps of deprivation and wealth with today's London.
*The Plane Crash - where they crash a remote controlled full sized aircraft in the dessert.

In actual Fact we rated this second here and that was many months ago so we were not far off the Official big time awards - thats reassuring. However, it was not as good as the others nominated. So was this really a bit of tokenism? I guess we will never know. But what was important was Grayson was 'en femme' and wearing a nice dress, and got a cheer from the audience. Grayson gave the award to the producer of the show as it was more in-keeping with his home than Grayson's.

That was a nice gesture.

Image bbc

Image bbc

She left the stage to a round of applause... The trans community are flying high!

But then in an instant! I all came crashing down, as some smart Alec had grouped the two trans nominated programmes to run consecutively - next up was Sean Bean for 'Tracie' in 'The Accused'. Sean Bean for his role as Tracie in this - viewtopic.php?f=16&t=3184

He was nominated as 'Best Leading Actor' - he didn't win.

I think the role he played was OK. It was more interesting that it was the antithesis of the hard man roles he usually plays - so for that he deserves recognition as this is far nearer the trans truth than some very passable trans model. We awarded it Best Drama Performance - So again maybe BAFTA are reading our pages - as chances are when deciding the trans-related shortlist they Googled all this and we have already done the donkey work? If so that's very flattering.

However, one must ask the 'Pedro AlmodĂłvar Question'. Does adding a transgender person to anything you make (no matter how bad) suddenly justify it getting an award or nominated for one. Is this not just tokenism? The other issue was that Sean is not a transwoman, and of course this allows people to openly abuse him without repercussions, and this is what happened when the presenter of the award introduced the clips to the audience.

Here is how Best Leading Actor was introduced.

Graham Norton - "So to the BAFTA for Leading Actor, here to present it an actress who's appeared in Harry Potter, Skyfall, please welcome, luminous Helen McCrory!"

Image bbc

Helen McCrory -"Good Evening. The Roles which tonight's leading actors have been nominated for are as about as diverse as they come, a director, a pensioner, a King and a tranny! Sounds like a great night out I once had!"

Grayson had not even left the stage...

This was a serious issue. As for one this was on the BBC. And two she must have written and rehearsed this before hand.

This is not like a nervous acceptance speech (a vagina receiving stitches after child-birth was mentioned by one person, I kid you not, but that was about herself), this intro was likely to have even had the 'once-over' assessment from a BAFTA official before being read on air.

It demonstrates just how impossible a task this is. Here is a well-educated, well spoken attractive woman - and someone who is in great demand. Someone who is not trans standing on stage in front of the nation saying Tranny to get a laugh. She is speaking about Sean Bean of course not Grayson. But this muddies the waters and the viewer can assume it must be OK to use that word as the BBC and BAFTA are saying it!

All this When an actual transperson who had just left the stage and some may say had every right to use it on themselves for a laugh, did not (on this occasion).

This was the crowning glory of a pretty poor evening.

Apart from the constant BAFTA mask crotch shots, and the sadness of those that have died this year, some brilliant talent has gone along with my childhood.

I thought it was all a little uncomfortable.

Better luck next time - and hey a transwoman won a BAFTA - can't be all bad eh?!

Image 2/5 TZ Stars - Below Average.

Take out the Tranny jibe and it would have been rated 'Good'
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