The Paradox of "Trans-Currency" the Media and Celebrity.

Media and Television that affects the trans community.
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The Paradox of "Trans-Currency" the Media and Celebrity.

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Nov 11, 2012 4:05 pm

The Paradox of "Trans-Currency" the Media and Celebrity.
(The value of transgender people to the media)

This is quite a lengthy debate and as a result this blog appears to be a real TOME! But please do try to read it all before you draw any conclusions - it is in two parts a shorter summary and a fuller and closer examination below that. If you have an interest in the UK media, and how it relates to the transgender community this is essential reading! Bookmark it and read it later.



This blog, with graphs and illustrations, argues that efforts to educate the BBC and Channel 4 (and ITV to a lesser extent) has already taken place and delivered results. Evidence shows they are already educated and therefore know what they are doing wrong, but are ignoring the knowledge they possess, and are preferring to stall the process with false promises. By using the extensive Media Archives we give you a birds-eye view of the trends over the last 30 years or so. The highs and the lows and take a close look at the 'currency' trans people have and still do possess. We ask if that is in itself abusive?

We examine the issues of age and sexual attractiveness and how that is seen by many as progressively problematical. This is especially true as the age desired by the media tumbles lower and lower. We ask (the somewhat inflammatory question) can these young passable trans people who are often just out of school or have spent vast sums on their transition, who now are by far the most highly desired (in media terms) targets, carry the weight and expectations of a community in crisis?! Can the majority of the trans community even relate to them as role-models? To avoid me actually appearing as a bully I have carefully worded these sections to show encouragement and positivity as much as possible. This is elevating them remember, not knocking them down.

We also look at the broadcasters themselves. Has their desire to change been weakened by their very own need for comedy and stereotypes? Can Broadcasters even afford to leave our community alone and treat it with respect? Can comics manage without us as targets of humour? If transgender people are treated with the same respect as racial minorities, will this lead to a raft of legal challenges based on what they already have in stock and are selling around the world to other broadcasters from their archives? As many of these broadcasters have a number of channels to fill and now 'On-Demand' Websites, do they even know what is actually going on under their very own nose? In this instance trans-currency does not actually involve trans at all as this is 'trans-stooge' (see above).

There are plenty of illustrations too.

Click here to visit the full story on the Transgender Zone Blog.
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