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Re: Home Hair Removal DIY Electrolysis Thread

Postby chris_in_devon » Wed Aug 18, 2010 7:56 pm

My advice still stands againt DIY Electrolysis. Whilst I was rummaging one my favourite websites for books and DVD's, I came across this DVD.


I never saw it used in my college, but it is used in other college's as part of the training course. The author / creator is well know for her DVD training materials, but as I've never seen this one, I can't vouch for it's helpfulness or suitability, so I go along with the authors disclaimer - to be used as part of a beauty therapy course. I accept no liability for recommending it or personal injury if you use it as a DIY training DVD !!!!

If it helps someone, or someone has it or has seen it, I'd be grateful for some feedback on it's content.


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Re: Home Hair Removal DIY Electrolysis Thread

Postby Ice Maiden » Thu Aug 19, 2010 7:31 am

Big advantages with diy are you know you own pain thresholds better than a third party as anyone who has an overzealous dentist with a heavy hand will know

most sessions cost over 50 quid a time and during that time you may feel you have had enough! at home you can take a break for a few hours or a day - this luxury is not afforded people in a salon unless they are loaded.

its not rocket science - with the greatest respect to your industry i have met a lot of beauticians and knew many when i was at college - and tbh they are not always A students - to put it as politely as i can

sliding a probe down a hair follicle using a machine that basically sets it for you is the easiest job in the world

next of course - electrolysis unlike laser means you need some hair growth to go and this causes BIG problems for those that need it - at home you can do it in the morning with your nights beard growth ot on a sunday after a friday and saturdays beard growth. Genital electrolysis is a nitemare to attend and its ritual humiliation for many to do it yourself is easiest plus if you mess it up there it doesnt matter as it wont be seen anyway

obviously a lot depends on how beautiful a person is - i mean if their face is their fortune they have had no prior skin damage facial scars when growing up - the trials of life as a kid you know marks through tomfoolery - acne pock marks etc and they have porcelain skin and are under 25 then id recommend saving and attending a specialist not even a beautician - a plastic surgeons team.

If however you are like me getting on a bit and have a few marks on the face here and there from life and the wrinkles are starting to show then go for it as who can tell the difference - and thats assuming you are a loon - most people feel pain they stop pain is a good indicator of damage

and lastly 'hobsons choice' - it is cheaper for those on low incomes to buy a say used sterex thermolysis machine for 200 quid and use it for the rest of their life than to attend 4 visits at 50 quid a time then run out of money and have no more sessions ever and have a breakdown because of it that may lead to scarring anyway from say self harm - and when you are done you can always sell the machine for 200 quid and get your money back
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