Trans-Friendly Hairdressers and Barbers

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Re: Trans-Friendly Hairdressers and Barbers

Postby Ice Maiden » Sat Oct 16, 2010 2:11 pm

while its ok on this thread for members with a couple hundred posts under their belt to post links and numbers please do not promote your own businesses and make sure the numbers and ads are cleared with the businesses concerned
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Re: Trans-Friendly Hairdressers and Barbers

Postby tostone » Fri Feb 28, 2014 10:30 pm

Any recommendation in Manchester or in the North West region? The before mentioned Funky Crop Shop as well as Transfixed both have gone out of business as far as I know. I've googled it extensively and couldn't find a thing. :(

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Re: Trans-Friendly Hairdressers and Barbers

Postby ShawBee » Sat Mar 01, 2014 1:32 am

Tostone, 1 thing i have learnt as a TransWoman(4 months full time) is that if you have the correct demeanour, are polite and friendly, you can get what you want, providing you are polite and have no wish to scare or creep out the regular customers, i was offered at BHS(lakeside-thurrock) the option to try on 3 dresses i had picked, and i was shopping as a man. in Evans and Tesco(bought my 1st coat) too. it was the lovely lady in Evans(lakeside-thurrock) who gave me the demeanour/attitude tips. just have a look around, you dont need to go to trans friendly places because the high street, all the major chains and some smaller places too, will provide the service that you need. they want your cash, your repeat business and you will not be the 1st person in your situation they have seen and dealt with. barbers? you are a TransMan then i take it, if you can manage to find a proper old style barbers, its a a very male environment you may find a little daunting, try a unisex salon, be polite, explain your needs, and you will come away smiling and wonder why you ever worried in the 1st place,,

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