Legal aspects of changing back

Changed your mind about changing gender roles? Discuss it here.
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Legal aspects of changing back

Postby hxlady » Mon Oct 28, 2013 12:51 pm

I can't believe any genuine transexual would want to change back though no doubt many tv/cds might and equally I doubt many FtMs woud as mostly these come from and continue in a lesbian background and their apparent transexualism is actually BRSS.

However from a legal point of view any transsexual who transitioned and received a GRC has a perfect legal right to go to their doctor and demand to change sex to male - this is not the same as 'changing back' as the GRC makes the person legally female for all purposes and like all women coud decide to change sex to be male.

Its the same process but from a different vewpoint.

Bigots and fools among the medcial and legal profession and lots of journalists might claim that changing back is a waste of public money but so is obesity surgery etc.

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Re: Legal aspects of changing back

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon Oct 28, 2013 4:26 pm

The only hurdle I can see is when you request a Gender Recognition Certificate, you have to make a Statutory Declaration of intent to remain in this new acquired Gender role/sex.

Whilst you can 'change back' I suspect to do so would require a new transition and 2 years at a Gender Clinic once more followed by a brand new Medical Report.

It might be easier to just self transition and forget it. And live as we did before the Gender Recognition Act 2004.

Also if you went via the NHS path first time around, it is asking a lot for those practitioners to basically state they made a mistake! :?
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Re: Legal aspects of changing back

Postby hxlady » Wed Oct 30, 2013 7:44 pm

As the granting of a GRC makes a person a woman for all purposes that automatically provdies the rights of all other women - one of which is the right to change to be a man.
As for the NHS not liking it well tough it is the law and any refusal could be taken through the courts as a Sex Discrimination/Human Rights etc claim.

And as the ECHR states there is no need to prove the medical necessity of wanting to change sex then any demand to prove the necessity is also automatically unlawful.