Just how do you change back without looking dumb?

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Re: Just how do you change back without looking dumb?

Postby Different_Trains » Mon Dec 17, 2012 11:07 am

Steffi wrote:] I don't really see that it's much more embarrassing than coming out in the first place.

This is so true. I'd even go so far as to say that once you've come to terms with the feelings yourself, coming out to others is nothing as tough.

I think that with the experiences we have (the abuse you mentioned being one such experience), we very quickly learn to stop caring what others think. In fact coming out requires that in a sense. So looking stupid shouldn't be an issue, because you can bet that to some we already do!

The only thing that really matters is whether you are being true to yourself. Looking stupid shouldn't be part of it. Just as you shouldn't transition for anyone but yourself, you shouldn't de-transition for anyone else either.

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Re: Just how do you change back without looking dumb?

Postby JENNYJET » Fri Sep 05, 2014 7:32 pm

One could consider moving to Shetland, preferably before independence, and just revert to historical type....then on the quiet, do the required work to make one's legal papers in order as was etc.

Clearly this is not an option for most of us that either transitioned post-op without some intelligence but for the pre-ops, it is possible to revert to what is how you feel so long as your basic identity has the ability to be legally confirmed.

I am post-op nearly 5 years and can honestly say that has not been the great new life I had hoped for, however, I do not intend to revert to my male identity.

I accepted in my own mind that I am where I am today, by my own choice and with a signed consent form at Charing Cross!

If I was to revert, it would be quite easy, just leave the wig off, dress as normal ( I nearly always wear trousers and boots given my country location) and be one's self. A visit to a solicitor can make good the change but remember your original birth certificate can never be cancelled!

No need to look dumb, if you have true friends, no worries and if you get hassle, remember one thing, you have known both genders in real time and lived it, no one can question Your insight about life and the struggles endured.

If you choose to revert, be cute about it, think ahead and do not be in a hurry about it. That way, little or no attention shall follow you. Bottom line? Just be true to your self at all times.

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