So-called "De-transition"

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Re: So-called "De-transition"

Postby JustMe » Sun Aug 03, 2014 9:42 am

Hi Jenny,

I'm sorry to read that you've had the kind of post-op experience we all dread and hope will never happen to us.

So, I just wanted to say a very big thank you for taking the time to post. I don't know why you were worried about saying what you did as it's equally important (in my view) to hear about the very possible 'downsides' of going through with this massive procedure. I've regularly heard of the post-op depression that is possible, so I think it's very important to inform others of that risk/probability. Certainly, it's something that I'm aware of and at the very least can keep an eye open for the signs when I become post-op (thanks to brave people like you who take the time and show courage in adding to these blogs).

You probably know this already and so I really hope I'm not patronising in any way. I don't think that the fact that you have found that you aren't really that interested in female fashion and wearing skirts means that you are any less a woman than many cis-women. There are many cis-women I've met who never wear skirts and are more comfortable in flat shoes and trousers. I've been wearing summery skirts all summer because (yes) I like to wear them when I can BUT, just yesterday I wore jeans as they were more practical - I felt really feminine all the same. I think that the further into transition we move, the 'novelty' of being able to wear the things that we have wanted to for so long does wear off. We find what's comfortable for us and works for us and we get into that same 'rut' that many cis-women get into too.

So yes, you made some really good points and posted here in a warning context too - thank you.
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Re: So-called "De-transition"

Postby JENNYJET » Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:01 pm

Thank you 'Justme' for your comments. I was somewhat active on this Forum until about 12 months post op and then fell into dispute with other members over site policy. During that time I was having serious problems with surgical wounds that failed to heal and I admit that post op inertia set in meaning having gains reassignment and all the document changes, I had nothing left to aim at except my own thoughts asking if it was worth the torture.

I do understand that some of us will have a wonderful time post op and good luck to them but as with my own experience, it can be a very difficult or even intolerable period that may take years to overcome.

In hindsight,
I believe now that it can be a touch too easy to get the operations and that the clinic responsible for your transition could go deeper with psychiatric investigation with patients that seem ready but are just in 'a hurry' to get things done. I was fast tracked because it was deemed that I was ready, now I know that
I possibly was not. Sometimes the doctor knows you better than you may like to believe so I would earnestly advise people think long and hard about things because correcting this kind of mistake can be much worse than having the operations in the first place!

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