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Facial Feminization Surgery by Dr Narendra Kaushik in Delhi India

Posted: Fri Jul 07, 2017 12:33 pm
by Sonia.Sharma
Hello, Everyone, My Name is Sonia, I wanted to share my experience for FFS Surgery in Delhi India,
I had my Sigma-lead Vaginoplasty with Dr. Kaushik in India, I was very much impressed by this method and decided to go for FFS With Dr. Narendra Kaushik.
I had a very big nose which needed to be done with some work on Forehead and Jawline. I told my requirement to Dr. Kaushik and we discussed some important point on the surgery. He Corrected my Nose with high satisfaction level and Sorted out the Jawline, I must say I was very much impressed by his work on my forehead, Probably the best Forehead Feminization compared to other girls who had elsewhere. I have compared my results with that of my friends and It is far better than most of us can expect it to be. Dr. Kaushik has mastered the arts of Forehead Feminization Surgery.

I wanted to create some awareness among the girls out there looking for better transition and that also in most comfortable place.