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Re: Timelapse-transgender-man-to-woman

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Jan 13, 2013 3:38 pm

Continu'd from here PTO <--- Ha Rona you look fine too and you know you are short (as a male) but a lovely height for a woman, you have small feet - no brow ridge smooth forehead your own hair and you sound fine.

In anycase I think you know all that and that helps carry your confidence. In your case you live in a place where people knew the old you. Elsewhere I'll bet you never get a second glance.
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Re: Timelapse-transgender-man-to-woman

Postby Jane_D_C » Sun Jan 13, 2013 10:16 pm

How feminine do you look to yourself? I think I look terrible
I know what you mean. I now look OK to myself so long as I have a wig on. I'm a bit follically challenged, and the illusion is shattered if I remove the wig. I have learnt to keep it on as much as possible if I am likely to look into a mirror; and conversely to avoid mirrors if I remove it.

My long term strategy is to move to a glued-on human hair wig, but there's quite a learning curve to climb here, to learn how to style it, plus I have a scar across my crown from the FFS which is still healing.

I am aiming to make the switch while I am off work for my GRS.

Jane x.
Proud to be feminine

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