My Facial Feminisation Surgery 31.10.2012 Chrissy

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My Facial Feminisation Surgery 31.10.2012 Chrissy

Postby chrissy » Sun Nov 18, 2012 8:26 pm

Dear All.

For the record I have recently had FFS which was performed on 31st October 2012. It is expensive and I was one of the fortunate souls to have someone who went to great personal sacrifice and help me fund it. The costs of which are as follows:-

Performed by the Facial Team - Marbella - Facial Feminization Surgery, The cost was 21,600 euros (£17,300.00 approx) for surgery and clinic costs. I booked queasy jet out to Malaga, the cost of which was £170.00 return. Hotel costs were £595, B&B for the fortnight. £100 spent on Taxi's, £100 on prescriptions, £200 on meals and refreshments.

What was done:-
Forehead/Orbital Reduction & Forehead Lifting and Eyebrow Lifting
Upper Blepharoplasty - Eye lid reduction
Rhinoplasty with osteotomy - Complex Nose Surgery
Chinplasty + contouring and Jaw Contouring

The surgeons were Dr Luis Capitan & Dr Simon Simon, the rhinoplasty was performed by Dr Kai. I would like to say that my treatment and care was superlative. I am not sure how long I was in surgery because I had been sedated for 48 hours. I spent a further 48 hours before leaving and during this whole time all my nourishment was, runny yoghurt, water & orange juice, great way to lose some weight!!

The most unpleasant aspect was having a "cold mask" on for the whole duration of my stay, but this does limit swelling so has to be endured.

Still swollen, bruised and sore in the mouth because of 5 incisions made on the inside of both upper and lower lips. The swelling will die down by the 6th week and the rest up to a year.

Expensive but more reasonable than UK, US or the people in Belgium.

I realise that the NHS is strapped for cash, however passing as woman has never been a problem for me, although many can put this down for many reasons or even suggest vanity. Its a personal thing for me and even now with swellings, bruises and having to eat soft things only I feel so happy with the outcome I can cry with joy.

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