Female Feminisation Surgery Intro - Upload your pics!

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Female Feminisation Surgery Intro - Upload your pics!

Postby tzone » Sun Nov 18, 2012 7:13 pm

Hi and welcome to our FFS forum.

If you have had FFS and would like to share the before and after photos you can do so here.

If your image is adult in nature?
No adult images maybe posted on .com, this is for faces only, if you have had 'other surgeries' we welcome your contributions on our adult sister site details are here. You can register and upload them there without worrying about G-rated content. http://library.transgenderzone.com/?page_id=152

FFS is the use of surgery and measurements to feminise the human face from a usually masculine appearance to an female one. This may involve many different procedures, from brow smoothing, chin-shaping, jaw-altering, cheek-implants, a 'nose-job' and hairline even being brought forwards. These all have more technical names but lets keep it simple.

Many women undergo this treatment every year and although the world leader is Ousterhout in the USA what about us Europeans who just want someone competent locally?

Well maybe you can help?

Feel free to upload any photos you have. Before and after.



To add an image simply use our 'attachment' feature when you post or edit.

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