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Re: Am I a transgender person?

Posted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:03 am
by LittleGreenAlien
I just wanted to do a little update. The dysphoria is there. That haven't changed. but I've been feeling a lot more relaxed about it and not quite so depressed. I feel I can handle doing things at my own pace because things are not quite as bad now. I also struggle with my chronic fatigue syndrome diagnosis, and some other things related to all the years I was bullied in the past. I do the best I can with my situation.

I Know something is going on, but it's just hard to understand it. But I feel less and less any connection to being a woman. I asked my little nephew wich of the PJ Masks he was, and he said "cat boy". I was joking and said, "well I'm worm...", I was supposed to say "worm girl", but I just could not get myself to say "girl", so I said "worm worm".

And I've had more of these dreams again. Two nights in a row. In the first dream I was part male and part female, with male chest and female genitalia.

In the second dream I was at a festival or something with my mom, dad and brother and sister. I had the ability to shape shift and turned myself into a hippie guy with long goldenrod hair. I ran over to my mom beaming, "Look I'm a guy now!". I wanted to be a guy for a while and just feel good about myself. Then I ran around making the sakura trees bloom, and decorating the street with yellow peace signs and glittery stuff xd.