Guy attracted to transfer women and struggling to come out

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Guy attracted to transfer women and struggling to come out

Postby Cricnick » Wed Feb 15, 2017 10:38 am

Hey everyone,

I'm hoping that I can get some much needed guidance and help from here.

A bit of background - I'm 31 and in a 3 year relationship with a girl who I now live with. Although I've always been attracted to trans girls from my teens it's become apparent over the last two years that to be happy I need to accept who I am and start looking for a relationship with a trans girls. I guess I'd previously thought I was bisexual of a sort whereas now it's clear that to be happy I need to be with a trans girl.

The first challenge is that I'm in a relationship with a girl who I love as a person but am no longer sexually attracted to. I know I'm going to hurt her when we split up and I don't know how to deal with this. I accept this is probably some emotional immaturity on my part but was hoping that someone else on here might have been in a similar situation and could say how they went about it.

The second challenge is that my family won't be accepting of my choice. My father especially is very catholic conservative (he describes Donald Trump as a good man!) but for all their faults I do love them and am close with them. Again, I was hoping someone might have been through something similar and could offer advice.

One option I'm actively considering is counselling to help me through - if anyone has any recommendations for counsellors again that would be appreciated!

I feel as if I've made the first big step by accepting who I am but in doing that have managed to get myself into a ridiculously complicated situation which I need to extract myself from.

Anyway, any help would be really really appreciated x

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Re: Guy attracted to transfer women and struggling to come out

Postby Steffi » Wed Feb 15, 2017 7:33 pm


Your query is not really something we have ever dealt with and this is not in any way a dating site.

- try TVChix. There you will find some potential dates and also be able to talk to other people who are attracted to transwomen.

I apologise if this seems like rejection - it is not but I would be surprised if anyone here can offer advice of any worth.
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