If you're bald and full-time....

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If you're bald and full-time....

Postby Vicki » Wed Nov 23, 2016 8:05 pm

Then I'd love your opinion on the reality of wearing wigs all the time. As someone with a Jason Statham hairline, I'd love your opinion on the reality of wearing wigs all the time when you're bald. Wigs are great for a night out, but there comes a point at the end of the night where it's a relief when you take it off as it can be itchy, hot and it's liberating when it comes off.

However, when you're full-time you're wearing a wig all day and night - does it ever wear you down? Do you ever feel a fraud (or similarly inadequate) because you're wearing a wig? You can't swim, high winds and rollercoasters strike you with fear etc. Maybe it's just me but it eats away at me now I'm about to go full-time myself. I mean, I can look as femme as any girl and I can get surgeries to make me indistinguishable but at the end of the day, I'm still taking the wig off and putting it aside - even hair systems have to come off periodically :(

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