Subtleties in translation

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Subtleties in translation

Postby flakyderelict » Thu Nov 03, 2016 5:42 pm

Hello, IĀ“m new on the forum and I hope someone might advise me on some words.
IĀ“m from Argentina and IĀ“m working on a short film that touches lightly on the subject of gender identity.
While working on translating (subtitles and such) and specially on the synopsis IĀ“ve come to realize IĀ“m not familiar enough with the subtleties of trans culture in english.
The film is about a cis-male performer who impersonates a female cuban singer for his show. He goes to audition at a bar where the other performers are all trans female.
My issue is with how to describe the male character in the synopsis. In spanish we have the word transformista, which is understood to be a male performer cross-dressing as opposed to travesti (which is kind of derogatory still) and transexual. I donĀ“t think drag queen applies, for example, because at least here in Argentina, is understood as a little bit more over the top than what this characterĀ“s performance is.
I would appretiate any help with this as the film is a work of love and acceptance and we would not like to lose that in translation.

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