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Listen to others before going off on surgery

Posted: Sat May 13, 2017 6:23 pm
by AmesH
This is my first time here so its sort of a confession. I am married to a wonderful supportive women who as been with me throughout my transition. I just cant say enough about her! I been full time for 11months, have always wanted large breasts even though I have developed solid B cups on HRT. I wanted breast augmentation and while my spouse was not thrilled with the idea she supported my descision to research the matter. Well I found a PS that was experienced and happy to give me what I wanted large breasts, Against my wife's suggestions / opinion I went through with it 2 months ago I am finding out not thrilled with them, feel heavy, a bit self concious and they tend to get in the way a lot times. I am afraid to discuss this with my wife as I am upset due to not listening to her trusting her opinion and views on the matter and spending the money for the procedure. Dont know who to talk about this to, I feel even embaressed speaking to my theropist on the subject :cry: