Listen to others before going off on surgery

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Listen to others before going off on surgery

Postby AmesH » Sat May 13, 2017 6:23 pm

This is my first time here so its sort of a confession. I am married to a wonderful supportive women who as been with me throughout my transition. I just cant say enough about her! I been full time for 11months, have always wanted large breasts even though I have developed solid B cups on HRT. I wanted breast augmentation and while my spouse was not thrilled with the idea she supported my descision to research the matter. Well I found a PS that was experienced and happy to give me what I wanted large breasts, Against my wife's suggestions / opinion I went through with it 2 months ago I am finding out not thrilled with them, feel heavy, a bit self concious and they tend to get in the way a lot times. I am afraid to discuss this with my wife as I am upset due to not listening to her trusting her opinion and views on the matter and spending the money for the procedure. Dont know who to talk about this to, I feel even embaressed speaking to my theropist on the subject :cry:

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Re: Listen to others before going off on surgery

Postby Suzicue » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:09 pm


You have 2 choices - one is the "throw more money at it" solution, get a breast reduction back to a size you're more comfortable with, or learn to live with your "bounty". There's a reason more and more women went with breast reduction - for kind of exactly the reason you stated.

The biggest thing finding a cup size that looks natural on you, remembering as you get old, they're going to get bigger, and (yes, sorry) start to sag.

The other problem with big breasts is finding blouses to fit - we're already at a disadvantage, having a larger-than-usual skeletal system, and adding "Jessica Rabbits" to the mix makes it even harder. (Something I wish more people WOULD talk about before they jump into Augmentation).

You'll get over the self-conscious part as they start to go from "teenager breasts" (high, hard, and pert) to more mature woman breasts, and as you get used to having them there. The biggest thing - and I am dead to rights serous about this - IS to talk to at least your therapist about it (shoulda done that up front, sorry!) because like anything else on this path, once you cross that bridge, it falls off behind you and you can't go back.

Personal experience - I went with the same size as my mom's half of the family (D cup) and while they were a bit big and unwieldy (20 years on), you get used to them, and part of them not being in the way is rethinking things you do... you WILL get used to them, and heck, you might even someday look at them and wonder why you thought you'd be happy with B's... :D

One last thing - there is an old saying, to thine own self be true. This journey is a very personal one, and you did this, not because you wanted to thrill your wife, but to be true to you. While women are naturally more communicative, they're also hugely, highly competitive, and when you (as an ex friend of mine says) "switch teams", you're now playing out of a VERY different rule book. The biggest thing (and I know a lot of women, GG and TG) is being able to look in a mirror and be comfortable in their (and your) own skin. Most have issues with that. Part of what your Therapist should be working with you on is getting you PAST that nasty spot, and so YOU are comfortable in YOUR skin, regardless of what anyone else says or thinks.

Good luck, and have fun!
:-) -S-

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