Body Dysphoria/Autism?

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How does it feel to be transsexual

Postby Ice Maiden » Wed Aug 27, 2014 1:17 pm

Being Transgender and not being able to express oneself without ridicule is again similar.

In the case of Transsexuals who NEED Surgery who detest their genitals.

We had a conversation about how does it feel to be transgender here

In a nutshell it is like grabbing barbed wire and ripping it through the stomach back to front pulling it through of a child ever day it wakes up for the rest of its life or until some solution is found.

Then without puberty blockers that individual has to mentally block who they are, almost a self-induced hypnosis to switch off this other person to have any quality of life (I use the term loosely!).

Then when you finally address the issue people either never want to speak to you again or you find nobody cares or, you are surround by some transpeope who are selfish narcissists, or your family disown you or you are made sterile (the ultimate cruelty of the condition!). If you are lucky you 'can pass' if not criminal damage assault or unemployment!

Yeah its a pretty miserable world out there. Society is the problem and always has been - society is for the most part mentally ill! Because logic dictates if you do not understand something you educate yourself.

Sadly many who run major support organisations, medicine and local government or decide funding for our needs are not actually trans, they benefit from it's currency (in their pay packets and visibility (makes them a talking head or expert witness (and they may pity us even. But I would like them to FEEL it for one day! If they ONLY Knew what it felt like and to know THIS will likely always be there!

Not just a 5 minutes back out clause - and then to imagine being that at 6 years old.

Society sucks it is cruel!

And in your situation what is the difference? You NEED this. This is not a DESIRE... Oh I desire a new hat or swimming pool - this is survival!

If you had cancer you would be referred tomorrow. This clearly is not as important - but to you it maybe actually worse!
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Re: Body Dysphoria/Autism?

Postby JustMe » Sun Aug 31, 2014 9:57 am

I'd just like to add, those are very good descriptions of what it's like to suffer with Dysphoria in all of it's many forms. I often just say that I wouldn't wish this condition on my worst enemy - and I wouldn't. I wish the condition would just go away but it doesn't, nor will it. I've tried so hard to come to terms with it and it just sit's there, in the corner laughing at me. So, I'm finally doing the only thing I have left - trying to put it right with the help of modern medicine, it'll never go away but at least I will be able to join in the laughter.
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