Writing a script for a short film - I need your input, stories and feedback!

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Writing a script for a short film - I need your input, stories and feedback!

Postby Olivi » Sun May 06, 2018 2:49 pm

Hello, I am a film student in my 3rd year and I am doing research for a script I’m writing for my script writing and directing class. The script I am writing is for a shot story (about 10 minutes) told from the perspective of conservative parents of a transgender teenager. I want to show the transition, feelings and thought processes from total oblivion, to suspicions, to rejection and/or denial and other negative emotions after confirming their "suspicions", to worry and confusion and finally to opening up to try and understand and listen to their kid. The aim is to try to understand (or explore) “not understanding” and how suffocating and cruel genuine love and concern can be, with the conclusion being about how important communication and an open mind is. In order to make the story authentic and more representative of real life I am looking for real stories and experiences. They don’t have to be similar to the one I have described, any story of your parents’ reactions or, if you are a parent of a transgender person, you own feelings and thoughts would be extremely useful and valuable to me. If you are willing to share your story, please comment or write me an email to sidabrinesirdis@gmail.com. I am also open to any questions, comments or a discussion about this project :)

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