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Logs to BLOGS! Logs to stop but not forgotten.

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:18 pm
by Ice Maiden
Logs to BLOGS! Logs to stop but not forgotten.

'A month in Television what has it done for you? July 2010' is when we first started publishing the logs. This originally was in reply to those that believed television was capable of positive change. At the time I was shocked at just how little people realised that the abuse and institutional transphobia was rife and that the media were and in some cases still are, ritually humiliating trans* people on television despite the multitude of efforts from so many agencies, groups and activists - you all know who you are and the contributions you made.

6 years ago it was 'easier' to observe and catalogue the many trans* appearances. I mean much of out archives was digitized from video tape from the 80s till the noughties, and from then on burned to DVD. Finally we used Media Center with 4 DV (antennas) recording keywords around the clock. This was and still is an immense task. Now with Netflix, Amazon, and BBC Three moving to Digital it is becoming increasingly difficult to observe the many streams coming in, we have the tech to capture it all but that is time-consuming also. It is far easier to observe but difficult to catalogue and pay attention to each and Log them in the way I have in the past. Plus I am only human and personal life has it's pressures too. If you don't believe me try it yourself for a month ;).

It is therefore wise to do the following.

Archiving to continue, but not reported in logs

I have chatted with the Awards Team and will continue to archive instances of Trans* and Gender Variant appearances on telly. I mean last month we had a transgender woman brought back as a wild card on BBC's 'The Voice'. now was it because she was good or was it because she was trans*? (Tokenism) So trans* are cropping up in unexpected places and that's great. I prefer surprises than orchestrated PR. As I can't help thinking, yeah, great but when their trans* currency runs out what will you do with them? And that is what they should be doing now. So we have moved from the importance of trans* faces on telly (there always has been trans* faces on the telly if you are over 50 you know that). But now it it tokenism or positive discrimination we have to watch for, or transphobia by proxy of the transgender actor themselves. In other words agreeing to what are transphobic storylines to keep their job, when inside they may well feel this is out of order. It is already happening. So we still need to keep an eye on that and gather evidence if it does happen. As nobody will take my word for it without it ;)

Avoid too much public brow-beating. Now more transgender people are getting opportunities, it is increasingly difficult for me to give them a hard time. They need a break, be observed, and see how this all pans out. It may well be in 5 years that they become established actors that can play any role or they could become here today gone tomorrow 'Uncle Tom' actors that will do anything to be on telly (we only have to look at Jerry Springer to see how that has gone!).


We often get requests to review big movies by filmmakers before release, or something interesting happens that needs more focus than a few lines in a Log, and although there are some reviews of this nature like this one Entitled 'Something Must Break' this is impossible to maintain if Logs eat up all the time. Plus the Blog is there, to maybe just comment on something broadcast without a plethora of other programmes wrapped around it.

Take Notes

Logs are a very focused Note-Taking exercise laid bare. Before they were published they were more of a Thought bubble, or academic note-taking exercise and then dated and dropped into a folder and they tended to focus on cisgender abuse in the media (transphobia and transphobic slurs for laughs) - see: saynototranny -

Laying that out so it is tidy in formulated Logs and spell-checking, and adding screenshots, and then social networking the results is VERY time-consuming, time that would be better used actually watching programmes. I have had people ask why I have not posted about Hollyoaks and their Trans* Headmistress. And this is a prime example of more watching less talking :).

We also need to watch carefully to ensure our Television Awards go to the right person/or people. To do that we have to have accurate notes and archives. So for that reason alone they will continue. And of course if something shocking or exciting happens it is only a forum post away. And I would encourage more people who visit this forums to post their reviews and media suggestions. If you think the Transgender actor in a soap is great (like Hollyoaks) don't wait for me to say it - post it yourself. That is what forums are for. Or drop a link into our Facebook Group here It has thousands of members and easy to share there - you are very welcome if you find that easier.

It has been almost 6 years of published Logs, and you can trust me when I say that we we suddenly will not stop watching.

On that you can be certain! :)

Lastly, this forum gets a lot of Agony Questions, and well, we have to help answer them. The media can look after itself.

All the best

Re: Logs to BLOGS! Logs to stop but not forgotten.

Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 4:19 pm
by Ice Maiden