UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up July 2015

Every month we list UK programmes the feature transgender issues good and bad. If you work in the media this is a must see monthly list.
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UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up July 2015

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Aug 09, 2015 8:39 am

So here we go again!

What is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a transperson. Every month it is a case of spot the positives. Almost all television featuring anything remotely associated with transpeople is negative, comical or are negative stereotypes. So if we do not list them they go unchallenged as evidence is needed to effect change! Or even give awards.

It is a thankless and time-consuming task - as you can imagine especially when a trans character is introduced ... Nevertheless rest assured someone is watching even if you can't.

High Points
I am Cait for inviting GLAAD to take part! Jenny normalised the 'boudoir/burlesque' feel that was clearly the way the show was going.

Low points
Safeword in advance (as it was mentioned) and of course as always Jerry Springer.


First off the big show that was launched by E!

I Am Cait
July 2015

I Am Cait is an American television documentary series which chronicles the life of Caitlyn Jenner after the gender transition. The eight-part one-hour docu-series debuted on July 26, 2015, on the E! network. The series focuses on the "new normal" for Jenner, exploring how her transition affects her relationships with her family and friends. The show additionally explores how Jenner adjusts to what she sees as her job as a role model for the transgender community.[Wiki]


I watched this at the same time as a trans*pal while we were both on Skype so we could comment and decide how we felt as this is a very complex show to review.

Lets just keep it simple and create a few bullet points.


1. High profile older trans*woman who has a huge following and can open doors far more easily than established big time activists. She says jump and the world says, "how high?"
2. She looks great.
3. She hired a bus for a road trip and filled it with the 'beautiful trans* ones' (Candis Cayne for example).
4. She helps give a voice to those that have lost family to murder or sex work.
5. People may aspire to be her (role model).
6. A way to distract transphobia - in other words, the benchmark of what transgender people look like is now Caitlyn, so if you do not look like that then you probably ain't trans*.


1. High profile older trans*woman who has a huge following and can open doors far more easily than established big time activists. You see this is a problem, and it was shown very quickly in the opening episodes when Co-Chair of GLAAD Jenny Boylan, who was thank goodness not a preened and painted traditional female Hollywood 'waxwork' woman, and stated that it was upsetting that someone who has little or no knowledge of transgender issues beyond the Kardashian bubble had so much influence and power overnight. Power they can only dream of after all those years of work and toil on the front-line.
2. She looks great. This is unachievable by the vast majority of transgender people - many who even struggle to pass as women designated/assigned female at birth (DFAB, AFAB). The media like beautiful people they don't want clever ugly women - very sad. This silences the vast majority she seems to want to speak for so a Catch 22.
3. She hired a bus for a road trip and filled it with the 'beautiful ones' (Candis Cayne for example). Caitlyn has a problem faced by many trans*women, in that beyond the initial Jerry Springer shock value when they say "Jerry, I was born a man!" Audience goes "EWWWWW!!!" But then quickly bores of the individual, (btw I do not believe they were born male but that's what they say). So E! have the snag of what can they 'do' with Caitlyn Jenner? After the initial photoshoot and, "look how pretty I am," "You look amazing dad!" And maybe follow her for more facial surgery, more cliches', more female stereotyping. More close-ups of high heels, and lip-gloss application we quickly fall into the traditional documentary mentality of men and how they see women. Some have already said that perhaps when Cait had male-privilege as the 'man' called Bruce that she may have seen women like this and just became one of those stereotypes men like rather than what she would like or would have had had she been DFAB. However, this is not the 'real world'. It would be more interesting had Bruce before transition been dropped Bruce off in New York with a case and hidden camera with $500 dollars and a bedsit and said, "Off you go!"
Trans*women can be plumbers, carpenter, bus drivers, surgeons, professors. But in this world, they are actresses, models, reality stars and sexy. And this was an issue raised by the Co-Chair of GLAAD, who almost felt intimidated by the carved and implanted Barbies that surrounded her, especially when they had a pool party and her stomach poked out (I thought she looked great - but this is elite 'transsexual' dominance is a whole new level. But it has already been noted elsewhere in publications such as Bloomberg that Caitlyn maybe already doing more harm than good. As she is literally in an ivory tower above the beach and is driven everywhere under a blanket it seems, as she maintains, the VALUE of her image is worth so much. Although in the show we only saw one car following them, and that could have been a set up or her own security to add some 'jeopardy' to the affair. I have heard people already joke about her walk-in wardrobe, saying, "that is the size of my house(!)" and, yes we all struggle to decide what to wear when our make-up artists and personal hairdresser are preparing us for the day.

4. She helps give a voice to those that have lost family to murder or sex work. This is complex, as on the one hand I can see what she is trying to do. But on the other it feels like researcher-orientated suggestion box attendance as a 'special guest', would she attend if she sat at the back rather than give the keynote? I doubt it! And as such becomes immediately more important than the person who died. In the encounter where a family is grieving, the camera with its soft focus continually jumped off the victims and concentrated on Jenner. This felt it was about Jenner trying to be some 'saint' rather than a few 'nods and winks' and it just felt that they should be grateful for her being there. When in reality she cannot bring back their loss. And will unlikely prevent more of this, as she will merely return to the safety of her mansion and cash pile. Caitlyn really needs to humble herself up a lot more and remove that bloody soft focus filter! It reminds me of Star Trek (The Original Series) that whenever they close-upped on the hot female star it was like misted up glasses!"
I could go on and I am sure we have not seen the last of her, she will be big for a few years and then fade away as new people come along. But what she does with these years could be critical. And Caitlyn does not seem to be the type of person who will listen to anyone about sociopolitical leanings, the irony is she will listen to everybody else regarding her look, surgery and fashions. But then again maybe they more important?

5. People may aspire to be her (role model). This is more of a problem than it sounds. Reality is, she just as well live on Mars. She seems so detached and in this powder puff trans-currency bubble at all times, surrounding herself with people who clearly would like Cait to open doors for them in Hollywood - and I include the majority of the transgender women on the bus. She had what was a yes 'men' entourage. This as we already know from the daft comments mad by Cait's step-daughter's (Kim/ye)husband Kanye West about how the world needs his talent etc, but few probably have the courage to tell him what they really think of his ramblings, because he pays them. Cait has a similar problem, in that those around her are in her employ so they will likely smile and agree. I think the other issue is the time it took for Cait to appear, especially when episodes of 'Family Guy' even mocked Bruce Jenner in a dress - and that was years ago. This was not the best kept secret in Hollywood. And some have wondered that maybe the Gold Medal winning Bruce at the height of 'his' then fame in the late 70s could have made a real change in America had the transition happened then (at the time of the infamous face-lift and during the Aids epidemic), and by now the US would be that much more tolerant. But that's another story. Some say this is basically a have you cake and eat it individual who got everything the wanted 'with male privilege' and then transitioned.

6. A way to distract transphobia - in other words, the benchmark of what transgender people look like is now Caitlyn, so if you do not look like that then you probably ain't trans*. This is a problem as being such a high profile trans*woman she now is acting as a buffer zone for transphobic comments. Stand-up comedians and even TV presenters are using Caitlyn as an excuse to BE TRANSPHOBIC. This has started already and and example would be the show 'SAFEWORD' on itv2 which I will will report next month as it is broadcast 2 August (the Keith Lemon Channel I dread to think what transphobic plans he may have with her) when the present stated this.

Rick Edwards (presenter on the opening of the show) - "Safeword is like a slow dance with Caitlyn Jenner, it starts off fun and you will end up feeling a bit of a knob!"

Everyone laughs, they cut to token Gay panelist for his laughter and thus approval of the comment - the assumption all trans are gay helps in these things.

This is transphobia by proxy, the proxy being the media's cartoon caricature that they see as not really being a 'real' person in their world. So as a public figure - fair game! However, these comments are not going to be heard by Caitlyn, they will be repeated in the playground and streets and pub to far more vulnerable and unprotected trans*women that may lead to violence.

Watch I am Cait on the E! Network.

We will report more as time goes on and future episodes.


8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Channel 4

Jimmy Carr hosts the comedy version of the quiz show. Sean Lock and Roisin Conaty take on guest captain Sarah Millican and her teammate Rhod Gilbert. David O'Doherty joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner, while Rachel Riley takes care of the numbers and letters.


Sean Lock has always said cruel and nasty things about the transgender community for laughs and here is just another example of mocking a transgender person yet again.

He states that there are not enough Limericks (funny poems) these days and opens with a audience laughing their heads off at this.

Here we see Channel 4 allowing Transphobia again as stated via Caitlyn Jenner (see above). It at first seems fine but the word CHOP OFF! Is just nasty and abusive. Would he say the same about breast cancer - "chop off her breast!!!" No - so think about it Channel 4.

"There was a Kardashian Dad!"
[Laughter erupts but Bruce was Jenner not Kardashian... 'he' was a Kardashian step-dad...IM]
"Who being a man made him sad..."
"He went to the doctor."
"Said, Chop what you oughta."
"Honest, it's not just a fad!"

They all burst into laughter including Sarah Millican.

This immediately misses the whole issue. Being trans is still just a big laugh on Channel 4. They have moved nowhere! By contrast Channel 5 and ITV handled it brilliantly as you can see last month!

Sean Lock why don't you make some mocking comments and continue to do so about your own family and leave trans*people alone. He has never said anything regarding trans that was sophisticated, its all about cutting off genitals for laughs with him. Or mocking voice pitch or 'Adam's Apples' etc.

Objectification of the cruelest kind. And in part it is due to people like him that the likes of Caitlyn Jenner took so long to come out.

A dinosaur!


Jerry Springer

Lesbians on Ice: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


A young Trans*man cheats with his brother's Girlfriend, and despite this being a common themes, and the person identifying as male and stating they wish they had a penis etc, the Brother still called him, "a girl", the title of the show was 'lesbians' and the individuals trans*identity was dismissed.

Seriously, what a pile this show really is!

Jerry likes to 'give his final thought' maybe he should think first sometimes?



Lorraine reports on Caitlyn Jenner who overnight had made a speech receiving her bravery award.


See Latest News section of the forum.


Star Trek - The Next Generation
CBS Action

The new U.S.S. Enterprise and its crew boldly go where no one has gone before. The team help an androgynous race, but there's trouble when Riker falls for one of them.


Entitled 'The Outcast' - A very good episode as it reverses the transgender reality completely to a world where everyone is intersex. And some feel male and female and have to hide it lest they be taken for mental health treatment as abnormal.

Good episode - worth watching!


Jerry Springer

Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


Episode lower third throughout the show reads "You're A tranny!"

Transwoman comes out to man man attempts to assault her.



8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown
Channel 4

Jimmy Carr hosts the comedy version of the quiz show. Sean Lock and Seann Walsh take on special guest captain Joe Wilkinson and his teammate Danny Dyer. Bill Bailey joins Susie Dent in Dictionary Corner, while Rachel Riley looks after the numbers and letters.


Jimmy Carr - "In Thailand Five Five Five, is slang for Ha,Ha,Ha! Because the word Five is pronounced Ha. And can be used in sentances such as, Five, Five, Five, Mr Jimmy, you thought I was Lady, but too late we married now!" "5,5,5!"


Anything where a comic starts with the word "Thailand," invariably leads to a joke about transgender people. And the suggestion that a trans*woman is really a bloke even in jest is offensive and plays into the deceit culture, that transgender people are liars and pretending.

Channel 4, still the same after all these years.


Family Guy

3/21. Quagmire's Quagmire: US animated series. Quagmire begins dating a sexually insatiable woman who then kidnaps him. Contains adult humour. Also in HD. [S]


One of the dares is for Quagmire to have sex whi his father who had GRS.

Quagmire - "What twisted deviant act have you thought of this time?!"
Girl - " I want you to have sex with your father while I watch!"
Quagmire's Dad - "Hi Glen!"
Quagmire - "Are you crazy? No! No way!!!"
Girl - "Glen, remember the thing we like best about each other is we push each other way beyond our normal boundaries!"
LATER - After Glen has had sex with his father.
Doorman as they leave - "Did you enjoy your stay at the Marriot?"
Glen Quagmire - "No, No I did not!"


Jerry Springer

That Groupie is a Guy: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


Entitled, 'That Groupie is a Guy!' Which the title alone makes no formal recognition she is a woman in any way shape or form.

Sadly an attractive female rock musician comes out the a fellow guitarist as trans*

and he then attampts to beat her up.


Jerry Springer

Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


(REPEAT) In that I have mentioned it before in a previous log entry, where two Thai girls flirt with a man and then state they are 'Men'.

Which is absurd when you look at them. However, he then kisses them suggesting it is a way to promote the bar they work at and entertyain from?

#NoViolence at least!


Jerry Springer

Sex Industry Insiders: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


Trans woman gives a man a massage then says she 'was born a man' he then jumps up and says he is not gay. But thankfully did not assault her this time.


Tattoo Fixers

Reality series in which tattoo artists repair tattoo catastrophes. The Fixers help transgender person Brix, who wants to adapt a butterfly inking to reflect who he is now.


Trans*man appears and gets the result he wanted - good episode.


UK Border Force

Observational documentary series. Officers stop a Nigerian with a forged passport who insists he is 15 years old. A transgender woman suffering from terminal cancer and with just $10 to her name finds out if she qualifies to get into the country. A criminal is caught in Calais.


A now very old episode and I wonder what ever happened to the trans*woman who had cancer? One of the reasons why documentaries can haunt participants (or their

families) however if she did not go into remission, it maybe comforting to see her like this from time to time?

Not sure about it really?

Could she have not just been a woman with cancer - did they really have to zoom in on her transgender meds?



Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour as well as the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip.


Transgender Radio Presenter Stephanie Hirst again makes a welcome appearance as a presenter and mentor for the series, about changing your life. In this instance it was an older woman who felt lonely and wanted to meet people and possibly date again, but was frightened. Stephanie is a true pro and made her feel safe and her warmth shone through. A great addition to the Lorraine Team! Her skillset as a Radio Breakfast DJ for all those years is clear for all to see. She has done her apprenticeship in broadcasting and this just seemed like second nature.

Great! Hope to see more!


Secret Lives of Women

Transsexuals: Meet Cristina Juanes. Cristina has a secret - she used to be a man.

She details her journey and how her life is changing both physically and emotionally.


The only problem with Community Channel is they have 3 programmes about trans* and just rotate them for years - The next one will be 1st Aug called secrets of sex (yeah guess). This is for some just as insulting as not showing anything. As it maybe they feel satisfied (like many mainstream UK Television Channels BBC/C4 Etc) that to throw the transgender community a bone now and again to appease their broadcasting minority appeal - rather than really 'INVEST' in transgender people is kinda lazy. Here we have a lovely story of an older trans*woman achieving her dreams. With a loving extended family to boot! However it is repeated all the time.

Fresh content please community.


So that just about wraps it up for this time.

Don't have nightmares - Especially Zombie ones lol ;) - see you next time with more

of the same I guess?
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