UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up June 2015

Every month we list UK programmes the feature transgender issues good and bad. If you work in the media this is a must see monthly list.
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UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up June 2015

Postby Ice Maiden » Mon Jul 13, 2015 10:06 am

What is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a trans*person. Every month it is a case of spot the positives. Almost all television featuring anything remotely associated with trans*people is negative, comical or are negative stereotypes. So if we do not list them they go unchallenged as evidence is needed to effect change! Or even give awards.

It is a thankless and time-consuming task - as you can imagine especially when a trans character is introduced ... Nevertheless rest assured someone is watching even if you can't.

High Points

New- Kellie Maloney - No Going Back.

Low points

Jerry Springer.


Starts tonight on Sky Real Lives (formerly Living It) at 9pm There will be 3 episodes shown over the next 3 days at 9pm and a 4th (best of) on Friday night. The show follows the formation of a new Ladyboy pop group in Thailand. More details over here :


Box Set

Sense8 (a play on the word sensate /ˈsɛnseɪt/, meaning aware[6]) is an American science fiction drama web television series created, written and executive-produced by Andy and Lana Wachowski and J. Michael Straczynski. A first season consisting of 12 episodes has been produced and became available for streaming on Netflix on June 5, 2015.

The plot revolves around eight strangers from different parts of the world who suddenly become mentally and emotionally linked. The show aims to explore subjects that its writers felt science fiction shows, at least ostensibly, tend to ignore[7] or skim through[8] such as politics, identity, sexuality, gender and religion.[8][9]

The Wachowskis directed most of the series, with the remainder divided between their previous collaborators Tom Tykwer, James McTeigue, and Dan Glass. The series is the first produced under the banner of Straczynski's Studio JMS (Wikipedia)


Directed by the Wachowskis so a trans* director and a trans actress in the shape of Nomi and her girlfriend Freema Agyeman as Amanita (She was in Doctor Who) who they have 'lesbianed up' with a bit of Lana Wachowski's hair colour and a classic undercut hairstyle.

The first we see of Nomi is she is being abused with the T-word at Gay Pride in San Francisco by a few lesbians, the next we see of her, is her having her brains f*cked out when they are done we see a large lubed strap on fall to the floor (this was also done in the new series 'Orange is the new Black').

I find this approach to trans kinda annoying and a bit degrading tbh. I mean can we glean from this that Lana is just this? Or is she a talented Art director and writer? I think this trans*currency is a retrograde step, especially when the show is about people with 'special powers' and all we end up with is lubed up 'dongers'. Kinda a shame that. And a let down. After all no other character was introduced in this way - so why the trans one? I think it speaks volumes of how little progress we are making - and this is with a transgender actress and a transgender director!

I find the concept of this a bit of a mess tbh. It is a VERY lazy way of connecting a number of individuals short stories that in themselves have no chance of a series, so the writers have tried to find a 'hook'....I know special powers! It has already been done in 'Heroes!'

Fans of weird stuff will like it. And they will defend this and the whole abstract 'Matrix-esque' concept, that weird is cool.

But this even after a few episodes in, you wonder if somehow the hype is bigger than the show. As It is to me bloody awful! Sorry!

Had this been submitted by anyone other than the Watchowskis, it would be in a bin somewhere!

However, I am concerned that when casting Lana insisted of a very cis-looking trans*girl, it kinda negates the point of having a transgender person, as part of the trans*ness is the intersex or non-binary challenge that is lost. It is almost like cisgirl with a trans* history. Or label her as the woman she is and drop the trans. Makes no sense, if you have to explain they are trans*, I mean you wouldn't have to explain Idris Elba is Black, and it puts terrible pressure on non-conforming trans*people to look cis.


Lana failed us a bit in this. But maybe she never wanted to impress trans*people, two hot girls having sex? I think someone has already done that, and it still works.



Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip. Game of Thrones star Iwan Rheon talks about the new series of the sitcom Vicious. Joely Richardson chats about starring opposite Arnold Schwarzenegger in new film Maggie.


They had a brief interview with RuPaul who was in Male mode of course he was also in Male mode on Alan Carr Chatty Man. To promote his Drag Race series on some digital channel somewhere in the UK.

RuPaul is a prime example of drag for cash and then historically using transphobic slurs and leaving his frock at the stage door.

Walk the walk - but do it 24/7 and then we can talk.

Not a fan - sorry!


Prynhawn Da
Wednesday 10th

Rona Rees Appears in Welsh Daytime (Like This Morning) TV Show. ... =525755198


Loose Women

April Ashley again recites her life story again, and again, and again.

Sorry but this is just me, me, me, merry-go-round.

She boasted of her MBE - no one can fathom to this day why she got it.

There are more deserving candidates, but then they don't have pretty pictures of themselves to show off I guess.

She has changed her boast now to the second British person to have grs... LOL Just give it up. No one cares who came second or third or eighth. She had her surgery in Casablanca and she lived in Paris. We cannot be certain of this information as how does she know that the Casablanca doc had not operated on a UK woman? Confidentiality and of course money could easily mask that. Lastly of course she was not the first he trained on, so who are all those trans women he operated on first? As it wasn't her ;)

Either way I find her boasting and snobish demenour for a working class Liverpudlian somewhat annoying.

One of the few times I am pleased we age, as can you imagine her today on twitter? :roll:


Big Brother's Bit on the Side
Channel 5

Luke Anderson makes an appearances as a blast from the past panel member.


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show alongside this week's panelists Nadine Dorries and Scott Capurro. Today's guest is Kellie Maloney.


Good show from the ever ebullient and our best presenter Matthew Wright.

Kellie was on fine form promoting her documentary to be aired later this month .

Nothing we have not already read about but interesting to hear her views in the newspaper review as thats not about her.


Jerry Springer

Backstabbing Secret Lovers: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


This episode bothers me more than many of the others, as despite the fact they know what they are letting themselves in for and like their 15mins of fame.

It was a comment by Jerry when a trans*woman was being attacked by a girlfriend. When the trans*woman defended herself, Jerry said...

"Hey you can't be doing that - you're a man!"

Jerry sorry but she ain't. And a little telling about what he really thinks behind the gloss.



Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip. 80s pop star Rick Astley talks about his rise to chart-topping fame and his return to the stage in the Ultimate 80s Festival this summer. Elizabeth Berrington chats about her role in the new series of Kay Mellor's drama The Syndicate and Coronation Street star Sair Khan discusses her latest storyline.


The 'BIG NEWS STORY' this month was Kardashian Dad Bruce Jenner coming out as Caitlyn, as Lorraine led with the Vanity Fair cover story stating that Caitlyn looked and I quote...

"Absolutely Stunning!"



The teen soap storyline that now includes a cross-dresser is interesting, but just feels a bit off and dated, as they have covered FTM and MTF and with hard-hitting storylines. A lad wanting to wear a frock just seems like nothing these days. It just has not captured my imagination really. They were doing this in the 80s :) EVERYWHERE!

New Romantics were far camper - just as Spandau Ballet!

Anyways it is something that a soap wanted to do and is still an issue for some of course - not knocking it, just not that excited by it, as it so easily can feel kinky.

Now, in this episode the Nurse who cut off his clothes after is road accident has a video in hospital of him wearing a red silk chemise, and is blackmailing him.

I think this is a bit lame and could have been done differently.


This Morning

Showbiz Journalist excitedly spoke with Eamonn and Ruth about the Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner spread.

Caitlyn has probably got some golden handcuffs deal with Vanity Fair and the 'E' network and RSP Productions so she is not likely to speak as a guest (for now at least). So surrogates and showbiz journos are taking up the slack. All very nice though and positive :) PS 'This Morning' won our Best Daytime show in the Transgender Television Awards.


Our World - Iran's Sex Change Solution

Ali Hamedani visits Turkey to meet LGBT exiles who have fled Iran in fear of being forced to change gender. Also in HD. [S]


A repeat, but interesting - nothing new. It was more about Gender qu*er people not wanting genital surgery that Iran insists on. As Gay is illegal. So they offer trans*women (since the 80s) GRS so they can 'become women'. However, a number want to keep their 'bits' and still be women at the same time, so must flee. One was shown (very attractive and passable trans*woman) who regretted having surgery. And the show title was a bit of a mess.

I have seen, and have in our archives, far better examples of this, and examples actually filmed in Iran! The crew here could not gain that access.


New- Kellie Maloney - No Going Back
Channel 5

This brand new programme follows the extraordinary journey of Kellie Maloney and the remarkable transformation she undertook to become the woman she secretly always knew she was. [S]


This was probably the show of the year!

Candid and totally honest look behind the scenes of Kellie's Transition.

Excellent and if you can get to see it on Demand 5 Catch-up do so!!!

Channel 5 annually wins our Channel of the Year and here is just one reason why!

Image5/5 TZ Stars - Excellent!


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show alongside this week's panelists Nadine Dorries and Scott Capurro. Today's guest is Enzo Cilenti.


TV Critic Kevin O'Sullivan remarked on Kellie Maloney's documentary.

And he passionately stated that, "You better know that trans*people desperately need this, and this is not some joke..."

Matthew agreed.

It is important to show the effort and pain and suffering externalised in this way. As only then can the average public truly understand what it means, as they can associate visual pain and surgery to their own lives. The mental pain is harder for Joe public to understand and grasp obviously.


Jerry Springer

I'm a Sex Escort... And a Man!: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


"Well I was born a man..."

Followed by the usual violence.


Jerry Springer

I Went to War... You Cheated: Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


A bit more light-hearted this epsiode in this Double Bill where a very then transgender Dominatrix had her slave kneeling before her...

"How old is Jerry Springer, Slave?!!!"
"I dunno... about 89?!"


Take that Jerry!


She's the Man

Modern adaptation of William Shakespeare's gender-swap comedy, Twelfth Night. When her school decides to drop the girl's team, football mad Viola disguises herself as her twin brother Sebastian and enrols at his all-male prep school in a bid to prove that she can keep up with the boys. However when she finds herself falling for her handsome roommate, Duke, she runs the risk of exposing her secret and ruining the team's chance to win an upcoming grudge match against her former school.


Often Repeated this is a regular gender swap comedy. It is obvious at all times she is female, despite their best efforts because they needed a 'hot girl' for part of the storyline. And Hot girls when they dress as men look like they are 10 years old.

So doesn't really work. But if you can overlook that its OK.


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show alongside this week's panelists Louise Hazel and Donal McIntyre. Today's guest is Nick Wallis.


This was interesting and I tweeted Matthew with thanks #TrueAlly see our Twitter Feed over him standing up for trans issues.

The story was about and Activist who faked being black.

The panelist (who is Black) said

"I don't have a problem with this."
A white panelist then said..."But don't you think this is disingenuous and lacks integrity as she lied?"
She replied, "Well you could say the same thing about people who are transgender."
Matthew then intervened, and said...
"Hang on I have to just talk up for the transgender community as well, as the fundamental difference between this and members of the transgender community is that, we were born in the wrong body..."
To which she replied, "How do you know she didn't feel the same?"
Matthew replied will that is a possibility.

This was a good point made by Matthew and although the panelist had a point here, his immediate defence of trans issues was appreciated and we thanked him accordingly.


Jerry Springer

Outrageous talk show hosted by the legendary Jerry Springer.


Passable and attractive trans woman comes out and it all kicks off.

The title of the show - "TRANNY FEVER!"




Silicone Valley: Reality series. A transgender pop star gets her pixie ears fixed for a music video shoot and a model with eye bags goes under the knife.


Repeat and listed in other log reviews here.

Super slim and attractive trans* porn star needs more work done.

Entertainment and camp for the sake of it.

It is a shame that they say could not have helped a struggling transgender person with FFS or something so they could have some quality of life than gilding the lily - but maybe that's just me? A bit like giving a millionaire gold plated prosthetic leg, when there is a poor kid with a wooden stump standing beside him? #SocialConscience


Calamity Jane

Sprightly western starring Doris Day and Howard Keel, 1953. A headstrong gun-toting tomboy tries not to fall in love with the macho Wild Bill Hickok [S]


Musical based on a true story - obviously 'glammed up' with Doris Day in her heyday!

That said the original cross-dressing story may have a little more trans*man in it than we realise. And that this historical character may have just been a man who did not have access to the hormone he needed!

Just sayin'

That said it is a good romp and good fun and a classic by now! :)


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Matthew Wright hosts the topical debate show alongside this week's panelists Anne Diamond and Adam Rickitt. Today's guest is Danny Webb.

Anne Diamond and Matthew sensitively discuss a story in the press review segment of the show where a young trans* kid Designated male at birth wants to where a dress to school. It is unclear if the child wants to 'be a girl' or just that they feel more comfortable dressed in this way.

That said, it is becoming more common to hear these stories and this will numb the public slowly into them simply not caring what kids wear. And thats kinda where we want to be.

It will eventually become a non-story. Like Black child attends a school... that may have been a big deal in Plymouth in 1950. Today it is mundane and who would even think this was worth printing? Trans*people will become that soon enough - and I look forward to that day too!

Kid goes to school - Yawn! Trans Kid goes to school - STOP PRESS!!! That is going to have to stop!


CSI- Crime Scene Investigation

The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp: Crime drama series. The CSI team works to solve the death of a transgender teenager. (S8 Ep 4) [AD,S]


The twist is he is not trans...
Spoiler: show
The water supply had hormones being pumped into it froma a chemical plant. As a result he grew breast tissue. But Gynecomastiais something that happens to many of us as we grow up so... This was a bit of a streatch, mistaken investigating officers would be a better title for the show! ;)

Unsafe Sex in the City

Series about life at the Manchester Centre for Sexual Health. Pre-op transsexual Jasmine hopes her sexploits don't jeopardise her life-changing operation.


This is now ancient history and Jasmine seen here has moved on. This is the problem with appearing in documentaries. They will haunt you forever!

And the style of the show was clearly very shocking. STD clinic documentaries do tend to focus on transgender people more and as such are remembered more vividly by the general viewing public than say some guy who had a date and got ... say... crabs?

Caution recommended! Should you ever be asked!



Lorraine Kelly presents a topical mix of entertainment, discussion and showbiz glamour, as well as featuring the latest fashion, food and celebrity gossip. Michelle Heaton and her husband Hugh Hanley chat about their life behind the lens in the current series of Seven Days With... which continues tonight on ITVBe.


Kellie Maloney promotes her new book and autobiography. Now she has LIVED! So this will likely be a great read as WHAT A LIFE!


See You Next time!

Don't have nightmares - Especially Zombie ones lol ;) - see you next time with more of the same I guess?
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