UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up April 2014

Every month we list UK programmes the feature transgender issues good and bad. If you work in the media this is a must see monthly list.
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UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up April 2014

Postby Ice Maiden » Wed May 07, 2014 5:30 pm

So here we go doesn't time fly!

So here we go again, what is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a transperson. Every month it is a case of spot the positives. Almost all television featuring anything remotely associated with transpeople is negative, comical or are negative stereotypes.

High Points
Asia Insight Waria.
This Morning Transgirl Chelsea.

Low points
Crocodile Dundee.
Not Going Out.
Hollyoaks for not casting a transgender person for the lead... But beggars can't be choosers eh?




HollyOaks is now running with the controversial trans character 'Blessing Chambers'.

However rather than have every single daily episode listed here I will simply direct you to the main blog thread that includes the daily storyline and photos so you can catch up!


So I have deliberately not included this in this Log for practical reasons and length.



Crocodile Dundee

(1986) Oscar-nominated comedy. Paul Hogan plays Crocodile Dundee, the fearless Australian outback hero who takes on the wilds of New York with his US journalist lover (Linda Kozlowski). [S]


We reported on this recently as it was on Channel four and here is a review...

Good idea for a story and of it's time but sadly soured by the misuse of trans-currency resulting in some serious transphobia during the movie.

Basically sexual assault for laughs!


I think Channel 4 have breached the Memorandum of Understanding here yet again! ... erstanding

Proud days now long forgotten!


Not Going Out

Sitcom. Lee does what he has to do to stop Lucy from flirting with the male delegates at a three-day annual trade conference in order to get herself work.


Transphobic nonsense for laughs.


Alan Carr - Chatty Man
Channel 4

Comic Alan Carr hosts his own light-hearted chat show. Alan presents a special Grand National episode, with Frankie Dettori along for the ride. Joining in the fun are guests Enrique Iglesias, and Ruth Jones.


They bring on a horse (as it is the Grand National Tomorrow) and Alan says:

"I am not being funny but Janet has a c*ck!"
"Are you living a lie Janet?!"

Gets a big laugh - this is a transgender gag using 'gay licence' - - and TBP or Tranphobia by proxy here is what TBP means -

It may only be a horse but this is anthropomorphism (or projecting human traits onto animals) thus in this instance it is a human for the sake of this gag. The laugh is at transgender people with a penis are 'living a lie'. As how else would the audience be able to reference the joke - they immediately make a mental comparison with say a transphobic tabloid newspaper headline and then applaud.

So what at first may seem like some innocent passing comment, it is in actual fact quite a complex and Machiavellian way of being transphobic. Truth is this should not be funny at all. In the same way if he said this horse is blind. Would they laugh at that? No only sick people would - but I see no difference as being trans is not a choice either! It is a congenital issue and equally traumatic.


'Bend Her'

Cartoon comedy set in the 31st century. It's the 3004 Olympics, and there's all kinds of cheating going on. Bender is so determined to win gold that he happily has a sex change.


As cartoons go this is actually quite well done and one of those rare times when the writers of the Simpsons give the whole thing some thought.

What makes this interesting is rather than he being a crook in this the interest is in changing Bender (unfortunate name but he is a Bending Robot) female by replacing his testoster-oil (clever) :) to 'femme-bot oil' or HRT (equivalent) when he changes to her, she has a very different 'personality' (or should that be coding of her robality?) who then falls in love with Calculon a heart-throb robot actor.

Still a dodgy listing nevertheless - it is an old episode now repeated but maybe worth watching if you get the chance.


After winning a sports event...
"You actually thought you could walk away without an engine oil sex check?!"
"I've got it Professor - make a woman out of me!"
"Oh I just think we should just stay friends!"
"I need a 'sex-change' operation and give it to me now!"
"Bender this is a complex procedure replacing your testosteroil with femmebot lubricating oil can cause mood swings! And the effects maybe irreversible - oh well lets get started!"
"The girls say don't do it if you have the slightest bit of respect for us!" (as he is so obnoxious as a male).
The professor interjects - "No we must do it for the proud people of Robonia!" (Thats the mythical country Bender represents).


Not perfect but OK?!


Secret Diary Of a She-Male 1
Television X

Exotic ladyboy Alekksandra has started an escort agency with a gender bender twist. Her first client is the lovely mature Starr, and she certainly gets her money's worth.


Gender Bender? [Groan! Not heard that one for years!] And in the public listings for all to see.


AlanCarr - Chatty Man
Channel 4

"What is in that drink? Oh My God! I have changed sex!"


Five Children and It

(2004) Eddie Izzard voices the 'Sand Fairy' in this children's fantasy.


Britain's Best Loved Double Act
Channel 5

Hinge and Bracket make it to number 39.

shrugs. :shrugs:


This Morning

Transgirl Chelsea speaks to Eamonn and Ruth about being a plus size model and her past as Matthew.


She wants to be on stage and television.

I think she was very funny and the presenters instantly warmed to her.

More including Video

Image itv

Image itv


Secret Diary Of A She-Male 2
Television X

Transsexual Girlfriend Experience: A frustrated guy has always wanted to sample the delights of a lovely ladyboy, and now is his chance. Go on, give it a try.


Give 'IT' a try?

Again this should not be in public Freeview listings. There should merely be a link to their website.



News that Mrs Doubtfire 2 maybe coming our way!

How does that work? The whole point was to pretend to be a Nanny and Housekeeper to access his kids. So some convoluted nonsense now has to be written to go through this again?

Groan more laughing at a man in a dress - seriously wtf?

Hollywood are static for ideas - thank goodness for Netflix!


Asia Insight
NHK World HD

Waria, or transgender women, have been marginalised in Indonesia. One of them stood up to change the situation for them, living with elderly waria without a kin and offering job training to others.




The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Lively Magazine Programme and newspaper review show (on daily).


Matthew has regular audience members, one is affectionately named 'Grimbo' and she is a glamourous older lady.

Matthew was having a conversation about really expensive sandals and asking if they were worth it.

He asked Grimbo what she thought and she had talons for heels.

Matthew smiled, "I will see if I can get into them after."

He meant it too :) He genuinely wanted to see what they were like to wear without threatening his identity - he is very secure in that there is little doubt of that. I can't help liking this presenter, he manages to just get the 'right' balance between fun and not offending or ridiculing. Keith Lemon could watch and learn as sometimes its only a subtle change required to please everybody.


Celebrity Juice

Interesting one this as one of the worst presenters historically invited one of the best trans-related presenters onto his show.

Of course we are speaking of Keith Lemon who has a charge-sheet as long as your arm mocking trans people and continues to do so by proxy of his two female guests - I don't think he quite realises that this is still transphobic in the same way calling a white person the N-word is still offensive to black people even if the person is not black as the intent is still there!

More of that next month when he repeats yet again something I didn't like the first time around.

He first of all mocks Matthew for wearing his Bikini in the Jungle, he then made him lick off Marmite from a man's chest, and then stuffed his mouth full of hotdogs.

Matthew was game and went along with it all and enjoyed himself, I just could not help thinking in places it was bordering on spiteful rather than fun.

Just a note to say Holly's Agent is the same Agent as Keith (Leigh Francis) They are also the same agent as Emma Willis (who also tops our awards annually for Big Brother!) so as Holly (we contacted the agent to pass on the good news to Holly), Philip and the Gang on 'This Morning' were all contacted with awards, maybe Keith has took him down a peg or two. I maybe reading more into this but it just seems strange as its the first time to my knowledge he has been invited on to CJ and 'TWS' has been on air for over a decade!

But hey? Probably way off the mark - its just a thought!


Secret Diary Of a She-Male 3
Television X

Transsexual: Gorgeous TS Melanie trains her new man servant with verbal domination and more. He loves it, too!


Close but no cigar 'she-male'? I don't now many trans women who say they are males even transwomen sex-workers.

This label is imprinted for marketing by the men who run this industry.

Plus again this is on Freeview where all the family can search the listings and read this even if the content is scrambled.



Richard Hammond and Jessica Hynes narrate bedtime stories for adults as Jackanory gets a dark makeover. In Becoming Zoe, an unremarkable postman turns himself into the perfect catch by reading his would-be girlfriend's mail and absorbing all her interests. In My Former Self, a woman wakes up one morning to find her eight-year-old self in her bedroom, asking questions about how her life turned out.


Richard Hammond tells this bed time story for adults.

Basically it is about a postman who changes into a girl he loves.

So you can kinda guess where all that went!

Sinister music begins!!! And Richard glares into camera!

"He stopped needing to shave!"
"His saggy Moobs firmed!"
"And nipples elongated!"
"His legs became more shapely!"
"His hair began to grow back!"
"There was no doubt about it Keith was becoming a woman!"

Sadly as all men who 'become women' (after all this is not a trans identified person it is literally a man who becomes a woman here), he then goes on to murder (Silence of the Lambs, Dressed to Kill etc).

"Stepping back she stepped over the dying Zoe and shut the door behind her!"

Thanks Hamster for that - if Hammond wrote it maybe he should pop down to Charing cross for a consultation? ;) He is the right build height-wise and would transition well! Hehehe! ;)P

Dave also showed the cross-dressing advert as well in the break - just to top it up.

Image Dave


Viral Tap
ITV2 +1

Caroline Flack hosts this brand new topical comedy show which searches for the week's best online clips and viral videos. With Matt Richardson, Carly Smallman and Joel Dommett.


Youv'e been framed and candid camera, were at it long before YouTube, and since then a number of these borrowed YouTube clip shows have emerged not least 'Rude Tube' so this is nothing new. But goading people into being dumb burned 'Jackass' and mtv in the states a bit as kids were doing dangerous things and sending in their videos. So huge disclaimers appeared before the shows began, and the Welsh 'Dirty Sanchez' had a similar problem. They also cross-dressed in Holland for laughs btw (got the archives)

However the show 'Viral Tap' is trying to emulate is none of the above, it is trying to copy the brilliant MTV show 'Ridiculousness'.

However this is A very weak and unfunny version of this show which is funny by comparison and done well. By contrast this pathetic UK version hosted by Rabbit-in-the-headlights tv presenter Caroline Flack (what she has to do with this I have no idea, as at least the MTV version have Skateborders and guests who suffer talking about it!). This is actually in places just embarrassing. I mean there is cheap, and there is CHEAP!, itv.

And even sillier as it is using Youtube clips we can see ourselves that are lost here. The panel has no talent to hook it all together, the budget probably also means the best and most funny clips are out of their reach. Pointless.

What was sad about this in regards to transpeople? The winning clip had a man cross-dressed (badly) with a teabag string between his legs going DOH! Meaning he thought it was a tampon. They force a laugh but seriously this is rock bottom!

Very amateurish 'hairbrush singing in the mirror' level of television for a national broadcaster.

And cross-dressing for laughs won it? Groan! When trans charities are struggling for funds ITV pay this guy a grand. :roll: :noway: :| [yesss] :shrugs:

Moving on...


Love for Sale with Rupert Everett
Channel 4

Investigative documentary. Actor and writer Rupert Everett asks why people really buy and sell sex. In this first part, Rupert explores the motivations of sex workers.

Comment and some statistics

A somewhat cautionary tale about the risks of Sex Work. From his transgender friends who work the Parisian Woods of the Bois de Boulogne where his best friend was murdered one night selling sex. To the high levels of drug addiction and suicide - when the party is over.

Some have managed to balance their double lives (nut not many it seems). But all a bit depressing even with Rupert's debonaire delivery of the subject.

In a world where antibiotics are now struggling to treat Sexually transmitted diseases a fresh epidemic is on the horizon. Gonorrhea will soon become incurable. Sparking a 1980s Aids-like pandemic. Best advice - keep it in your pants guys!

Of course in a recession where there is no work then this market becomes saturated. As such there was the rather depressing sight of prostitutes under-cutting each other's prices down to in some instance £5 to potentially put their lives at serious risk. And of course many do not pay and beat them up. They have to work alone as more than one is a brothel and illegal - that's silly the UK Gov need to protect these girls so safety in numbers!

The UK Government review of the sex trade reported two-thirds of the sex workers they interviewed experienced violence, whilst another study by Sanders-McDonagh and Neville claims that many sex workers have experienced increasing levels of violence and complained of harassment by police. Reporting of violent crime is low among sex workers due to the risk of being arrested themselves.

I am on a roll here...

In a study by Jeal and Salisbury (2004) which explored the health of on-street sex workers in Bristol, all interviewees admitted to having a history of alcohol and/or drug use. Over half of respondents stated they entered sex work specifically to fund drug addictions and many continued to use drugs whilst pregnant. It is claimed that alcohol use amongst sex workers is used for self-medication; to help mask some of the negative feelings associated with sex work, including distress, anxiety and experiences of selling sex.

So if you are transgender and thinking about selling sex - maybe think again!

Image Channel 4

Image Channel 4

Plus if you get arrested and charged some offences go on the sex offenders register (see and this in turn could affect your adoption dreams in the future! Not least people may not be able to separate the SOR with prostitution with consenting adults from pedos. So you could be seen as one as people are idiots.


Secret Diary Of a She-Male 4
Television X

Alekssandra goes out on the streets of Whitechapel and meets the ghosts of two Victorian street girls, Pamela and Starr. The former's a lovely ladyboy, making for some interesting three-way fun.


Same old same old public listings - should be just a weblink to their site where the listings can be found.


Cardinal Burns
Channel 4

Sketch show. New Guy and Charlie try out extravagant new flirting tricks, Yumi kills Rachel's chances with a dreamy yoga instructor in Young Dreams, and Turkish minicab drivers Hashtag and Bukake demonstrate heroic attempts to rescue a damsel in distress, while Banksy is back trying to bond with his stepson on a camping trip that ends in catastrophe.


Just when we thought this was done it is back.

The main bulk of the show is casual racism, and cross-dressing. In fact one of the cross-dressed characters is Japanese, so we have Yellow-face to boot!

Image Channel 4

I am amazed Channel 4 allowed this but hey they seem to not give a damn these days about anything.

So what do we have the 'lowering' of their social status by dressing as a women is funny? Why is it funny because it is misogyny! And throw in some racism even funnier? As that's double status lowering from the white middle-class men who make the show.

So we see almost a mirror image of BBC Three's Chris Lilley epic reported here but home grown version.

Spot the Difference - a prime example where BBC goes Channel 4 will follow!

Image Channel 4
Cardinal Burns
Image BBC
Chris Lilly

SEE New- Ja'mie - Private School Girl, 12/03, BBC THREE - viewtopic.php?f=106&t=4262&p=39286

What a mess.

To be fair they do do a 'Banksy' sketch that has legs and could work on its own as a series. As the character 'fits better' as he is a white middle-class male. And his son is black and not someone blacked-up.

This happens a lot now where they hire racial minorities and mock them at the same time. These ethnic (and soon trans) extras and supporting cast members act as a buffer zone as it is like saying to a black friend - is it OK if I abuse your culture, gender and/or skin colour? And he says, "yes as long as you pay me!" Some black activists have said things like 'Uncle Tom' and 'sellouts' about their brtoehrs and sisters who do this, this is not for me to say but what may happen is transpeople are next! So think carefully about what you agree to. Others see no harm in it and this balances well with the part of the trans community who laugh at people who abuse them.

I suspect Hollyoaks will do this soon too to justify their cisgender playing a trans character lead. It takes a lot of courage to tun down a role because it is ethically unsound as you just know another transperson will just step in and take the cash! And they have no morals whatsoever.

This is why we will unlikely make any real progress as we too have the same problem. Having principles is expensive!

Chris Lilley does the same and browns-up but hires 'genuine' ethnic actors to work with.

In next month's Logs we see Cardinal and Burns as Guests on Alan Carr Chatty Man and of all the characters they go for it is the cross-dressing ones he wants to laugh at and mock and herein is the problem - as they re not trans he can mock them transphobia by proxy! And all all trans are gay? Right (I Jest btw being sarky!!!)? Alan uses trans currency all the time to get laughs. Another justification exercise! "Well they do it (cross-dress for laughs)! Why can't I?"


And on that happy not we must leave you until next time!

Check out the Hollyoaks Storyline here - it fills in the gaps on this thread - this is something thats a grower in trans terms! As there maybe some movement since the complaints about Blessed and transpoeple are hurriedly being looked at. I hope they do more than that eh? And it is just another tokenistic Chris Lilley/Cardinal Burns way to be transphobic.

Check out the Transgender Television Awards 2013 they are published here!

We can only dream of one entry one day!

Disclaimer!!!! Please Read!

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