UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up Jan 2013

Every month we list UK programmes the feature transgender issues good and bad. If you work in the media this is a must see monthly list.
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UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up Jan 2013

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Feb 03, 2013 2:53 pm

So here we go again, what is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a transperson. Every month it is a case of spot the positives. Almost all television featuring anything remotely associated with transpeople is negative, comical or are negative stereotypes.

High Points

Low points are quite simple.

Big Brother Luke Thread here
and our blog post about how the show has improved in 12 months here
Read his interview here

Don't forget our Soap storyline Archive here
Jason Archive in Hollyoaks

And what has been happening in Coronation St here - not good.

All the following clips have been archived for evidential purposes should they be needed.


Britain's Most Embarrassing Parents
Channel Really

In the wake of Really buying 'The Pregnant Man' they have now purchased it seems 'Britain's Most Embarrassing Parents'. This episode shows a crossdressing dad. As the show is about 'embarrassment' then you can see how this will be edited. Flamboyant dressing and going out. That said the son is very tolerant and is clearly a close family unit. Get ready for the repeats.

This is an often repeated show and there are a number of contradictions with it, we first reported this sometime ago but here is a copy of that. ... t5491.html

Remember this is a purchase of a BBC Three programme!


The parent says 'being trans...' and says trans community, yet the producers need 'tranny'.

Not only is it sufficient to be 'embarrassing parent' - i personally think the son handles it very well if he was that embarrassed he would not have appeared on camera and is a credit to his parents - should be Britain's most tolerant children - the title of this show is a mistake

The idea they are 'representing' is ruined by this term - 'trans dad' would have sufficed.

So they blew it

It's original home ... g_Parents/

And NUMBER 2! So nice to know being trans is the second worse thing you could do to your kids. Plus even the BBC on this page used the transphoto and not the number one!


This Morning

Featured an interview with the young FTM who looks like Harry Styles from Pop band 1D.

All very nice, and when you hear what he had to say, this was just a case of a young FTM who has felt this way all of his life and happened to be mistaken for him, and so have gone with it. It is not he wants to be Harry Styles from say a week ago.

So an important interview to set the record straight and the press' misleading articles in context in that sense.


Chatty Man Mash Up
Channel 4

Miranda Hart - "No Alan has not had Gender Realignment, but if he did he would go for this!"

It was said for a laugh, lets all laugh at genital surgery! Miranda is tall yes the gag has been ground into the dust.

Does she have any idea at how serious genital surgery is?

Maybe she could finish on a child chemotherapy gag?

Again, Miranda is tall and seems to be constantly using transphobic comments to buffer this.

Make tall girl gags about yourself - stop using, "I look like a transvestite ones." Not all transgender people are tall or can be easily read so this BBC is stereotyping.

In her Miranda Show on BBC One - the very first episode she ever did was mocking the transgender community - in particular the 'Transformation' lifestyle products chain as the clothes fit her, but again she ends up looking like something pulled from a Christmas cracker - after all that's what 'transvestites' wear?'

In the latest episode of Miranda dated 01/01/13 on BBC One - What a surprise It went like this:

Writen by Miranda Hart -

Mother - "[She] In the right wedding dress wouldn't look like a transvestite!"

If she was trans of course that would be different (reclaiming n all that). But she is not, so just stop it, OK we get it!


50 Greatest Plastic Surgery Shockers

Pete Burns appears to talk about the infected lips he endured. So that's up to him, better than someone speaking about him. I think Pete is Pete, there are no labels I think he would otherwise accept :).


Celeb BB's Bit On The Side
Channel 5

Katie Price (AKA Jordan) married a crossdresser (Alex Reid) then divorced him and has moved on.

So she has no right to use transphobic slurs with what seems to be continuously looped.

On Celebrity Juice the last time she was on Telly she used the term 'Tranny'.

And on Big Brother's Bit on the Side she said this. I have not heard this for quite sometime so we don't want a revival FFS!

"I think she [The model in CBB] should get voted out quick unless she nobs Sam [A male model in the house]. They all laugh as that's fine, then during the applause is heard to say, "I mean Sam nobs her, she's not a chick with a d*ck! I mean!"

Shame it is always the guests that let Emma down. And I don't think she heard it.

We have retained the clip anyway as we always do.


Snog Marry Avoid

The infamous Cheeky Girls Episode where 'POD' says, "why fight over something [good make-up they buy] that makes you look like twin trannies!"

Nuff said - and with this show another few coins drop into the pockets of the supposedly 'trans friendly' BBC!


The Ricky Gervais Show

Episode where they question 'the pregnant man' and it got very nasty.

I think E4 should edit that tbh. It flies in the face of the MOU. They describe a transman as a woman and that they are having a 'breakdown'. Thomas Beattie seems to be one of the happiest people I have seen on the TV.


Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side

Our Television Awards gets a mention by Emma Willis Live on the show. Her show won 'Best Programme'.

Nice one! But well earned Emma! We don't give this praise to anyone ;)


Family Guy
'Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure:'

Stu and Stewie's Excellent Adventure: Animated comedy. Stewie finds out that his life in the future is miserable so he decides to go back in time and change events. Contains adult humour. [S]

We find out his sister Meg is now a transman called Ron.


Family Guy
6/23. Thanksgiving: Animated comedy. Lois cooks a Thanksgiving meal and invites the crew over for dinner. Joe is shocked when his formerly MIA son returns from Iraq. Contains adult humour. [S]

Quagmire's father now a post-op transsexual woman is invited to Thanksgiving. Sadly there is a little transphobia. But that said at least they have a trannsexual in the show, unlike Eastenders for example :)


Coronation St
This week

Hayley has returned from America.

Lets hope something worth noting happens.

And the news is she is quitting the show this year clcik here for more.



Family Guy
'Screams of Silence'
BBC Three

Eddie Izzard gag, about who would be the most disgusting person to have sex with.

Peter - "OK, Who would you rather do, Dame Judy Dench with 30mins of kissing first? Or Eddie Izzard in drag with a working vagina?
Quagmire - "Would Eddie Izzard tell others about it?!"
Peter - "Eddie Izzard is very discreet!"
Quagmire - "Then that's yer answer!"

On the one hand this suggests somewhat of a reality for transwomen in that they can get dates as long as they NEVER TELL anyone about who they dated - the dirty little secret. So this is true to this day!

However Eddie does not do 'drag' being trans is part of his identity, and so are the clothes. To quote Eddie, "They are not women's clothes, they are my clothes!"

And Quagmire is a depraved sexual predator anyway in the show. So some truth in this, but you know... it is that greasy pole they slide all the time (no pun intended or maybe it was?)

So it is a case of the only time a transperson is mentioned in this episode is in the context of sex.


Mr Bean's Holiday (2007)

Crossdresses at the end for a laugh.


The Simpsons
'A Star Is Burns'
Channel 4

Residents of Springfield are shocked when a national survey reveals that their city is the least popular town in the United States, so the locals decide to stage their own film festival.

The doctor turns up and says I thought it was 'Rocky Horror' in suspenders and a basque.

No reason at all for the gag other than to laugh at Dr Hibbert in stockings - lame.


Family Guy
BBC Three

(Repeat see above).


5 Live Breakfast
Radio 5 Live

Nicky Campbell and Rachel Burden with all the day's news and sport - today, the government prepares to announce what it's calling the biggest changes to the state pension for a generation, British films have a good night at the Golden Globes in Los Angeles - and we hear why Julie Burchill is under fire from the transgender community - as she describes them as "bewetters in bad wigs".

Helen Belcher from Trans Media Watch speaks about the issue. But we have been here before with other similar women, Julie Bindell, Germaine Greer, Moore and others - It is almost as if they are the same person saying the same old tired things as the world spins and they get increasingly out of touch as the numbers of out transpeople increase, they just begin to look pathetic.

Helen does a good job.

If you want to know who Helen is click our and find the Leveson Inquiry in our archives.


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

The story of MP Calls for sacking of columnist
Julie Burchill story handled by Matthew Write.

Despite there being a sitting MP there; Nadine Dorries MP and Terry Christian - who I thought was a good bloke really. They both pooh poohed the story as trivial. Terry Christian saying, "Well if they have had the 'op' then I suspect they have heard far worse shouted at them!" Both described it as "innocuous..."

Matthew however said the following - "Transsexuals are fighting to stop the trend where of ALL the minority groups that we mock there is an argument that transsexuals and transvestites have been the butt of people's jokes for longer than any other minority and now maybe it is time it came to a stop!

The two panelists looked a bit sheepish and started back-peddling.

All I can say is Matthew is not Transgender Zone's Best presenter of the year (two years running) for nothing!

Thank goodness for Matthew being sat there that's all I can say.



The Oracle (Johnny Vegas) is given the runaround by a blind date with a very big secret. Brandy seduces Mateo when Martin is not looking. Mel decides that he is going to buy local tourist spot Peacock Island and tries to find the mysterious Spanish owner.

Johnny Vegas/Sheridan Smith/Jake Canuso/Nicholas Burns/Geoffrey Hutchings/Paul Bazely;Sandy Johnson;;

The infamous introduction of Tim Healey as Les/Lesley Transvestite character. When Johnny Vegas finds out his date is not what he expected.

Funny thing is had they left it there it was one of those things, but unfortunately, Tim Healey was about to take the vegas role as he was leaving the series.

And we have been lumbered with him ever since.

A golden opportunity to have hired a transgender person but didn't - big fail there. But they clearly do not care as long as he is funny and makes everyone else laugh.


The Corrie Years

Documentary series exploring the impact of the hugely popular show Coronation Street. The second episode examines how Britain's longest-running soap has consistently broken new ground. The programme looks at some of Corrie's firsts, including the first live episode for nearly 40 years, the first specially written hour-long episode and the show's first transsexual character. There are also interviews with cast members past and present including Kevin Kennedy, William Roache and Alan Rothwell.

Past glories I'm afraid. This is mostly ancient history now and 1998 was a very long time ago in Soap terms, and ITV2 have learned very little judging by what was on below this entry in Magaluf and above it in Benidorm.

It like many things in the 90s, it was of its time and well considered. Today it is just a shadow of its former self and ITV2 has been shown to be a very damaging channel. If you want to know more click here and see worst of.


8 Out of 10 Cats
Channel 4

He is at it again. A lightweight Joke about shopping in Top Man is turned into transphobia by Sean Lock. He has said some hideous things in the past about transpeople so this is him going easy, nevertheless, it is Channel 4, and unfortunate in light of their promises to change. ... anding.pdf

Sean Lock - She's in there trying on a suit! She tells me she's a woman! Bernard told me she's a woman!
Jimmy Carr - Trying to find something that doesn't make her Adam's Apple look big!
Sean Lock - She really struggles to find shoes!

All laughing.

FFS - it is like Groundhog Day!


The Magaluf Weekender

9:00pm, Sunday 20 January 2013
1 hour
Series1• Episode3

Checking into Magaluf's Lively Hotel this week are cocky North London pals Gianni, Josh and Danny, who are joined by trainee beauticians Hannah and Christie from Worthing.

The Magaluf Weekender welcomes viewers to Magaluf to find out what young British visitors get up to when they are away from home.


VO - The night is about to step up a gear for Gianni a glamourous Spanish Woman has caught his eye!
And he is straight in there with her!
AhUhhhmmm...I think it's a her!
Under the watchful eyes of Josh and Danny, Gianni whisks her up to VIP!
JOSH - Now what we see is Gianni's hat bobbing through the crowd and he's got on his arm, a female, or what looked like a female!
VO - When Josh and Danny see her up close they quickly confirm something Gianni is completely oblivious to. SHE IS DEFINITELY A HE!
Danny - The Jaw-line was so well defined that IT couldn't be a woman!
VO - He is having such a good time that it would be a shame to tell him!
VO - So the boys tell everyone else instead.
JOSH SUBS - He's a man!
Danny Subs - REALLY?!
Gianni is so smitten he then follows her into the ladies' loo.
Josh - There is no bigger surprise than what he is about to find out! EVER!
VO - On their last night out Gianni's managed to pull what he thinks is a sexy Spanish senorita. Everyone else has realised IN FACT ITS A GUY! So smitten is Gianni that he has followed her into the ladies toilet, and he maybe in for a little surprise!
Cuts to laughing mates shaking their heads.
Danny - It was perfect because she was so clearly, like, a man. But Gianni's beer goggles just destroyed him, so. yeah I mean, that was just epic!
VO - It only takes a minute in the loo for Gianni to finally catch on!
Gianni appears laughing.
Gianni - It was a f@cking man! I can't believe it! At that point I sobered up so quickly!
VO - Well she is certainly not bothered by all the fuss!
They leave the club...
In the Street - Gianni to a passer by drunk - Hey baby how you doin'!
Mate to Gianni - Do you wanna make sure it's not a man first?
Gianni - F@ck you - pushes him away laughing.
Giann- Diary Room - He thought it was hilarious and the funniest thing he had seen all year!
VO - It is pretty funny!
In the street his mates - let's go home - and get some boys [for you] Gianni shouts bell-end!
VO - Meanwhile back at the hotel the girls are interested in Gianni's story an sympathetically take the mick!
Girl at hotel - OMG He pulled a man!
Girl#2 - That is actually hilarious!
The next day the receptionists are talking - Apparently he pulled a man.
VO - There is no chance that Giani is going to be allowed to forget last night! Imogen's spreading the word! Shots of girls laughing - It was a man!
Receptionist rep goes to the boys bedroom to wake them up for the departure - WAKEY WAKEY! There was like, a brown-haired girl, like Latino-looking, asking after you! The boys laugh.
Gianni - We came with a game-plan to get loads of girls and get drunk - it was a mess it went so, so wrong!
Receptionists - I heard you met someone special last night!
Gianni in Diary Room - It's funny. You know, I'll give it to them, its a laugh, it's funny. Magaluf has really shown me some, er... some things. New things I don't wanna see again! (Cts to flashback of the transgirl).

Image (Image: ITV2).

So one of the boyz picks up a pretty gal in a Magaluf night club takes her to the ladies toilet.

Image (Image: ITV2).

Image (Image: ITV2).

Image (Image: ITV2).

She was stunningly attractive and a lot prettier than the ugly harridans who were mocking this issue the next day - course they are 'real women'.

Image (Image: ITV2).
The 'Raving Beauties' [NOT] back at the Boys room laugh about his experience - blooming cheek - they wish!

Annoying really as they referred to her as 'IT', "IT WAS A GUY". "A MAN!", He - Broadcasters have learned nothing.

And tbh it all seemed set up.

I mean if looking like that doesn't allow you 'female privilege' then what hope is there for any trans woman?

ITV2 continue on their worst channel spiral as demonstrated here already. (See bottom of page).


Inside Out

"Dr Phil Hammond finds out what the changes to the NHS will mean for patients and GPs. Alastair McKee investigates concerns at a local hospital. Plus the barrister from Dorset who underwent a sex change operation.[SIC]"

The GRS story was dropped cos of the snow and they showed a programme about gritters and the police pushing cars with their wheels spinning instead :P so look out for it in a later showing.


Celebrity Big Brother
Channel 5

Not enough girls in the teams resulted in them making Razor Ruddock wear a dress, hat and handbag.

In context its harmless dressing up fun and no trans slurs.

I think it sends out the message that If he can wear a dress anyone can ;)


Tales of Winter: The Art of Snow and Ice

A look at how mankind's struggle with winter has been reflected in western art throughout the ages, with contributions from Grayson Perry, Will Self, Don McCullin and others. [S,SL]

Not dressed as Claire in this highbrow look at art.


Mrs Doubtfire (1993)
Channel 4

Robin Williams must crossdress to see his kids as an undercover housekeeper.

'Hilarity ensues' [GROAN]

Crossdressing as a way to con, fool or escape has been used in many similar films.

'Some Like it Hot' being the most famous. However this does play into the psyche of the viewer that 'men' who dress as women are doing it to deceive those around them, they are 'up to something', liars cheats or conmen.

I'd prefer a film where 'he' just likes wearing a dress for once.


The Simpsons
'Mr Spritz Goes to Washington'
Channel 4

When Springfield Airport changes its flight paths to send all its planes over Evergreen Terrace, the Simpsons convince Krusty to run for Congress so he can change things.

Crusty - Are you guys good at covering up youthful and middle-aged discretions?
Mr Burns - Are these indescretions romantic, financial or treasonous?
Crusty - You tell me?
Mr Burns - Groans - Oh OK we will say you were on our fact-finding mission!
Crusty - I did find out one fact! She was a guy! [Face Grimaces...]

Again, they just do not get it. A positive spin would be what is wrong with this in the first place?

A workable rewording could have been

Crusty - You tell me?
Mr Burns - Groans - Oh OK we will say you were on our fact-finding mission!
Crusty - I did find out one fact! She was a guy! [Face smiles...]

That said, even the 'guy' bit is questionable. The bottom line is trans are bad, and career-wreckers, non-trans are good - this is a serious problem.


Star Trek Voyager
"Body and Soul"
CBS Action

The adventures of the starship USS Voyager, lost in a distant quadrant of the galaxy. The Doctor is forced to inhabit Seven of Nine's body after the crew are taken captive.

Body and Soul has similar elements to the BBC Red Dwarf episode 'Body Swap'. Although the writers paid great homage to the 1982 film Tootsie (With Dustin Hoffman that has been greatly parodied). Seven (of nine) plays the doctor when his holographic matrix enters her Borg body.

This is interesting more for the discomfort clearly felt by both parties when placed in situations where they is sexual attractiveness. It also in part demonstrates just how complex issues can be for transgender people when dating or being approached in bars when the admirer does not know their trans past.

In this episode when they finally come clean and explain the situation there is an element of disgust. Which even when carefully handled has elements of transphobia about it.

In a show set so far in the future, the values of today, make this a concept which simply does not work. Logically (captain) there should be plenty of intersex people aboard and knocking about. But where are they?

The only failing of an otherwise great series.


The Cleveland Show
'The Way the Cookie Crumbles'

Daft concept whereby to get their money back from a model shark who duped his aging mother out of her life savings saying she could be a model, Cleveland and his gang have to decide how best to approach this.

They decide to crossdress in the hope they will be 'discovered' by the same shark working the local mall.

However other groups of men have also thought of the same ruse.

It is a rare time that it was funny.

Only downside was before they decided to simply crossdress to do it, Cleveland suggested they all have 'sex changes' and this belittles the complex and often distressing process of trans surgery. This simplicity is likely to be for an ignorant target market for this type of humour. But apart from this one issue the concept was funny and directed well.


Way to Go


In this episode the Lads sell a pair of football boots belonging to George Best and then realise they need them back, they visit the home of the buyer with an offer and say we will buy them back for another 100quid. He says He knows their real worth.

"Seriously another 100 quid eh?"
"Not bad eh?!"
"So what d'ya say?!"
"I say you mother is a transsexual prostitute!"
"Scuse me?!
"You just think I fell off the banana boat?!"


One of the lads married to a police officer has to defend the money he has hidden away.

"Where did it come from [it is money they have earned from assisted suicide]."
"It's Joeys! He he asked me to hold on to it so he...wouldn't scr*w it away on...."
"On what?!"
"Transsexual Prostitutes!"


So ends another month of happy transempowering television - yeah right - see you next time!

Don't have nightmares - I mean there is an editor right now putting together then next transabuse. :roll:
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