UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up Mar 2012

Every month we list UK programmes the feature transgender issues good and bad. If you work in the media this is a must see monthly list.
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UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up Mar 2012

Postby Ice Maiden » Sun Apr 01, 2012 11:38 am

So here we go again, what is broadcast in the UK reflects on you as a transperson. Every month it is a case of spot the positives. Almost all television featuring anything remotely associated with transpeople is negative, comical or are negative stereotypes.

High Points
Showing 'A girl Like me' (Film) again, and My Dad Is a Woman.

Low points are quite simple.
David Walliams who seems to be everywhere atm. Sex and the City and Jonathan Ross.

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Jason in Hollyoaks

Coronation St


Radio 4

(archived as mp3)

Shelley Bridgman of the Gender Trust I believe? (Michelle (Shell) Bridgman)


Talks about being a psychotherapist and stand-up comic.


My Dad Is a Woman

Jane Fae and Michelle

A documentary following two families in which a man becomes the woman he has always wanted to be. How will the families deal with this immense change? [SIC]

Basally, there are two families, their reactions and we following them to the gender clinic and Jane through surgery.

I think it would be more interesting to a tranperson who has not seen anything like this before or the general viewing public. Documentaries are always fresh to begin with as they are untold stories (this can change if they are repeated - and even haunt the individuals many years later). But I have a lot of similar docus on file like this. I don't know what more that could have been done here to make it any better Jane was herself and thats all you can ask.

Plus side - transpeople speaking for themselves, a look at Thomas, who is conspicuous by his absence usually. Bellringer is the gotoguy for comment usually.

Negatives? Being hypercritical, I suppose the format has been done and needs a fresh look. We saw something similar in MYTS, the red tape for the other person in the programme, the 'gender panel' who to me seemed like they had no clue really. They can only go on what they are told. I felt this was a bit of window dressing - and puts the patient through unnecessary anxiety, later Thomas himself said that 'regretters' are almost impossible to vet out of the system anyway.

The man - the woman - the op - the rebirth - shopping for clothes

Docus are cheap to make and seem to go around in circles with different individuals of course. But there does seem to be a classic pattern to this that goes back 20 years with 50 similar docs. Trans parents and family etc. Walking out in public...make up in the mirror, shopping, old photos, chat with surgeon, in some cases street abuse, family and loss.

I would like to have seen something new. They managed it with Gypsy Weddings, rather than a stereotypical scrap metal tarmac gangs, they went in a different direction and have changed people's hearts and minds as a result. Not sure what trans can do?

But it is one for the archive, and I particularly like Jane's daughter and the issues around what to address Jane as. "My dad, she is indoors..."

On the whole a good programme, but nothing new and very formatted in the classic trans docu way.


This Morning

Eamonn Holmes and Emma Willis (she won top entertainment presenter in our awards list for Big Brother's Bit on the Side) feature an intersex woman in the run up to 'Embarrassing Bodies' on the 5th March - see later.

Very passable pretty young lady with a very quiky dress sense. Seemed like a lot of fun.

Good interview.

It is clear that those that pass and sound like women seem to be better 'toleratred' by Eamonn more than those that don't. His body language is more open and easier going with the girly girls. But thats the world we live in.


Room 101

Frank Skinner invites Larry Lamb, Lauren Laverne and David O'Doherty to the show in which they compete to have their pet hates and peeves consigned to Room 101.

Frank Skinner
"I thought it was a good idea to got to a fancy dress party dressed as my girlfriend. At least that's what I told her when she caught me.."

B00m Bum

You know this gag is older than me :\

Them crossdressers eh(?) always good for a laugh...=\

In reality this situation is potentially life wrecking, it can leave a wife traumatised, the crossdresser humiliated, and begin the slide into divorce and loss of children as many a crossdresser/transgender person will tell you. It may appear 'funny' on the surface, but again this is ignorant comedy. From the BBC who still don't 'get it'.

Note to Frank 'must try harder'.


Harry Hill's TV Burp

Harry's crossdressed side kick Heather is laughed at packing her huge knickers to send to her trucking idol.


Celebrity Juice
'Hunks Special'

Keith does two crossdressing gags.

1. where he pretends to be Angelina Jolie with her leg poking out - albeit a plastic one with a mind of its own. That was not to bad as it was a topical issue.

However in gag
2. He has an elastic band flicking challenge with Jeward, nothing wrong with that that's up to them, but the elastic bands are brought on by an overweight man with a beard, and he remarks,

"Bringing on the elastic bands is non-other than East Germany's (East what they unified 2 decades ago...) female wrestling champion Natasha Gobadoshki!"

These gags were rife in the past, usually mocking steroid abuse, that said there were a number of high profile cases where the person was trans, in anycase it is that beardy oaf bloke in this case a baywatch swimsuit. Takes us back to Bounty/Plenty Kitchen Roll ads, Russell Howard's Good News 'Lady boy' airline sketch and of course Harry Hill's side kick Heather.


Its pathetic!


Come Dine With Me
More 4

OK here is the scene, guest trunk about the house whilst the host is cooking.

There find some large men sized high heels in the wardrobe.

They then remark hmmm... obviusly we know what they are thinking.

At this point historically Dave Lamb (the narrator) would make some transphobic comment. But No nothing just silence. This is great! I have no idea if it was edited, or if he has, 'got the message', or what, but he did not take the mick.

Well done Dave Lamb, but you know, he will be forever haunted by the other issues.

Next they raise the issue at the dinner table, he simply explained he bought some platforms for a 70s party and then Claire saw them on Ebay and thought, why not?! The rest of the guests, started joking and using the "" with their fingers around the name "Claire" (who the narrator informs us is actually his wife) as she is who he is on the weekends.

Now lest just imagine he is trans, what business is it of theirs, what if he said - yeah thats right I am trans what of it! Would they be joking then - why are they joking at all?

If he had a turban in a cupboard would they make racist comments for laughs?

So even though Dave Lamb was good this time, it was a bit sickening to see this thing come around again.

Many trans are in the closet, so if he is or not, it is abusive and explains why so many trans stay there.

So unfortunately CDWM and Channel 4 close but no cigar this time.

The director on the show needs to tell guests that, "we will not show transphobic material." And simply warn them when they are going this way. In this instance the director could have said, " Ladies and Gentlemen we have to be careful about this issue as it can be scene as bullying and transphobic to our trans viewers!"

And it would have been forgotten about not least if the individual was trans would make them feel better and safe.



More of Tim Healy's Leslie transvestite comedy.

I just wonder why they never hired an actual transgender woman and done it properly, at least then we would be laughing with her.

This is just something we will look back on in years to come as embarrassing and shameful.


Family Guy
'Boys Do Cry'
BBC Three

The title a twist on 'Boys Don't Cry' FTM Brandon Teena Murder, FG's Chris falls for a boy who turns out to be a girl.

Not keen on the title being taken for laughs, FFS the film is a true story. And they use it for laughs - I dunno.


Sex and the City

Carrie is woken by cockerels as she lives next door to a pet hospital. This title is cynically worked into trans issues, and regardless if they hired trans or not, the cliche's come tumbling in.

You name it from 'she-males to trannies', this episode does not fail to leave any dignity standing.

Samantha goes to war with transsexuals on her block, Sex and the City is now old skool, first show on on

Channel 4 it has now seeped down into reruns on the extended digital channels, in the case 5*.

It is a popular series and all the transphobia is 'repaired' by the girls throwing them a 'tranny-bash party' at the end where they all make friends.

Nevertheless, the transwomen are all shown as hookers, they use anal sex comments about their 'johns' throughout.

It is a case of lets say all the toxic words and use all the trans stereotypes imaginable, then to avoid any come back we will have a party to make up for it at the end.

Bit embarrassing really and is showing its age.


South Park
'Freak Strike'

Eric crossdresses and goes onto a Jerry Springer show clone as a young female Wh*re.


Watson and Oliver

The girls have a James Bond ending where one of them dresses as - well James Bond of course.

One of the few programmes where women regularly crossdress as men.


Pick TV

Janett Scott appears on the show, now over a decade old the show is repeated ad infinitum, a warning to those that make documentaries ;)

You can chat to Janett in our support group on Mondays atm.


Breakfast on Pluto
Film 4


It has all been said before on tzone - do a search :)


Quantum Leap
'8 1/2 Months'

1955, and Sam has only just recovered from the shock of leaping into the body of a 16 year-old girl when he realises he's in labour. To add to his troubles, he has to persuade the girl's friends and father to let her keep the baby.

An FTM tale for modern times if there ever was one

QL works on so many levels its a joy to watch.

It is a man having a baby - so right up to date.
A trans woman could see herself in many of the characters he plays.

But this is more useful as an FTM metaphor - a man who the world sees as a woman.

Worth watching.

on an MTF level it works because no matter how butch Sam is we soon get used to him behaving and dressed as a woman - after a few minutes we just accept that he is a woman and yet has changed nothing about himself whatsoever, other than wearing a nightie in this case :) - so why can't the rest of the world?


Live With Gabby
Channel 5

Drag keep fit classes.

They do a little section on using drag performing as a keep fit class for women.

What was interesting was that their customers are mainly women and very few if any men take part. Make of that what you will. :)

Nothing transphobic said, and a bit daft really.



The Secret Policeman's Ball
Channel 4

Eddie Izzard does a little bit of material, it was a carbon copy of what he had on his recent DVDs - not long.

But what I found most interesting from a critical POV was the little chat he had with Jack Whitehall (another comedian who has made transphobic gags on Mock the Week in the past), Eddie was commenting about Jack's Hair and asked if he was Gay (the trouble he took with it I guess) Jack remarked, Oh you have a history of camp hair yourself - so to speak - Eddie says, "Yes I am confusing as a straight Transvestite, I even confused David Walliams (also on the bill and not funny :P) for not wearing a dress!"

This is a direct dig as their encounter on 'The Big Fat Quiz of the Year' on Channel 4 a few months back when Walliams confronted Izzard over not wearing women's clothes in public these days. To which Eddie took exception, It is clear this is something still on his mind and what Walliams said on that show has apparently affected him.

Walliams I find a far bigger problem, his abuse of the transgender community and the relentless mocking of transpeople via 'Little Britain' and elsewhere has fudged the important issues trans face, and turned it all into a joke. Even slagging of Eddie, Walliams putting on a dress to humiliate the transgender community does not make him trans - something I do not think he understands - he like other 'performers' leaves the frock at the stage door.

I have heard him use the term, transvestite, crossdressing etc as in some way to defend his behaviour, and always for laughs, he only wears the clothing on stage or to mock. Izzard ran all those marathons, now Walliams has swam the Thames, and he (Walliams) is cleary popular, perhaps because he is like that gay friend, but who is straight.

But behind all those good deeds (well it raises his profile call me a cynic) there is something quite toxic about Walliams, I just can't put my finger on - I think he could be quite nasty if pressed.

Perhaps he sees Izzard as a threat maybe? Or as Izzard has the acting roles he would like? Walliams is talented - I have said before his portrayal of the late Frankie Howard was sublime! And not a frock in sight!
Who knows what is going on here but I do just find this Walliams/Izzard issue fascinating.

Izzard historically has been out as transvestite and even was assaulted for it in Cambridge and appeared in court over it back in the day.

He was out when it was the 90s and less easy than today, he also says things in his biography, 'Dressed to Kill' (which we were asked to review by his company over ten years ago now) that only a transperson would know really who was on the scene in the 90s. He even defending trans issues on a recent Graham Norton where they were joking about crossdressing - he was not laughing! In contrast Walliams has 'used' crossdressing to entertain, it seems rather than as his identity, it seems a bolt on to it, in the same way his camp persona seems to be - it's his 'thing'. He plays with sexuality and crossdressing as almost a game to 'keep em guessing', but as soon as Little Britain had had it's day, he soon dropped it. Now married to a beautiful woman. I think Walliams has now set his sights on other things - BGT for one.

I have no idea what has happened behind the scenes here and it may well be he has apologised or even made friends with him, but this recent comment by Walliams about Izzard has Eddie on the ropes it seems, defending his trans identity. I cannot speak for him but what I see is a transperson who has had to become a 'character actor' in mainly male roles (with one exception 'All the Queens Men') to pay the bills. There simply are not the trans roles in big budget films, so what choice does he have. As we get older we become less attractive as women anyway. To quote Eddie in his biography, "I look too much like a man to change sex - although I did think about it!" Perhaps if he were not as high profile he would have been able to live as a woman more easily.

I just think Walliams is like the young pretender trying to somehow embarrass him?

I don't know. :)


The Jonathan Ross Show

An unfortunate slip into transphobic comments, albeit ignorance rather than malice, from one of his special guests Ex England cricketer Freddie Flintoff. After all he is just repeating what he has seen.

"I went out to a place called Madam Jo Jos in Soho!"
"And it was Tranny Shack Night!"
"Tranny what?!"
"Tranny Shack! Transvestite Night"
[ (see wednesdays)]

Huge studio laugh

"I was intrigued!"
"Some transvestites, some of em' they go to town they dress to the nines
they got the stilettos they got the make-up on!"
"You've got other people, full beard, hair, Alright mate?!"

Second huge studio laugh.


If he had made a similar joke on ethnicity it would have been cut.

It is also so easy to slip into 'othering' and objectification with this sort of thing.

I also question clubs and bars who still use the term 'tranny' as a way to attract custom, as this is in part why the problem persists as this proves above, it sends out mixed messages, would a black club have 'n*gger night?' and then would a white person repeat it on prime time even if they did?

It is unlikely to change that easily after all if you worked for the club you are unlikely to question it as it could lose you your job - and we all know how hard it is for transpeople to get work 'en role'.

There seems to be now almost a weekly incident of this sort of thing on his show. I think it is time he reigned this all in, it is not broadcast live so they can edit.

No wonder there are calls for Sir Michael Parkinson CBE to come out of retirement.


Lets Dance for Sport Relief

Patrick Monahan gets in a pink frock and 'acts the goat' to use a westcountry saying.
and female double act Watson and Oliver dance the Bolero on rollerblades.

It was remarked by one of the guest judges, "It makes a change to see a woman dressed up as a man."

Nevertheless the drag act was the first one out closely followed by Watson and Oliver, the winner was Rowland Rivron a cisgender man playing a cisgender man, perhaps people are fed up with drag and frocks carrying talent I know I am. Once upon a time it was freaky but today we can see through it - no pun intended.

As they say, close your eyes and listen to a drag act, or imagine that same person there in a mans suit doing the same thing, and you quickly wonder how they have got away with it all these years :).

I question this now tired comedy vehicle (crossdressing) being on primetime BBC. Cos in the end thats all it gets - a big laugh.


Radio 4 Ex

In contrast to the BBC TV channel their Radio hits the spot by rebroadcasting Eddie Izzard in his massive hit stand up routine.

With some classic moments and comments like when wearing chicken fillets in his Agent Provocateur bustier he comments looking down, "Transvestite mit breasts - it's my job!"


I must admit when I hear classic comedy like this my heart skips a beat, and then is quickly saddened, when we realise it was so many years ago and the BBC and other have not picked up this baton and ran with it, getting transgender people into comedy and drama should now be a top priority and not just a fad they will drop.


Little Britain
BBC Three

Again looking tired, and coined enough catchphrases to make any transperson weep.

Imagine this show without the crossdressing, next time you watch it do a 'mind-edit' and take another look, it again shows just how important mocking through crossdressing is to the success of it. Without it is shows them for what they are. Not very funny. Forgetable male characters.

Why is this still on air?

The BBC have squeezed this within an inch of it's life. News just in BEEB this is does not count as minority programming for transpeople btw!


Sexuality Night
Radio 1 and Radio 1 Ex

Hosted by Aled Jones and Gemma Cairney

Paris Lees is invited on the panel for a look at sexuality.

They open with the 'T' in LBGT and ask Paris about this. At one point they asked if Paris 'had a willy' which was a bit blunt, but she took that well. She replied with, "well if you tell me the size of yours and it's shape..." It went a bit frosty from then on and they were all tip-toing around her even the 'expert' was saying, "Well Paris would probably be best to ask here..."

She has a very good broadcasting voice, and is very 'light and breezy' so maybe has potential there in future, as a talking head, the only trouble is what do you talk about - other people's issues?

That said transgender and sexuality is such a broad church that it was not really examined at all. Attraction where straight men chase transwomen (are they gay and avoid the trauma of being with a man), what about a ftm and an MTF, a woman with a penis and a man with a vagina(?), this is dream stuff for this topic and can be funny too.

Although to us they seem a bit obvious, it is clear that this was a missed opportunity to really get into this topic.

I think it was a bit of a shame the host opened with such a blunt comment that as a gay man he usually gets away with, then to be taken to task on it. It never really recovered.

The trouble is if you are asked if you have a penis and refuse to answer they naturally assume you have one - it's human nature - that's the problem even if you don't, and what's wrong with that? If you don't' then where is the harm is saying you don't? Is probably how they worked on the idea before it was aired.

I think Aled's bull at agate approach did not shake Paris, but I suspect this will not be the last time she will be asked, and the more you become a 'face' the more people will want to know, until an old flame or friend comes forward and tells everybody. Its a private issue, but that will not stop people asking and every time it will just result in that 'elephant in the room' (no pun intended). It is also quite difficult to interview somebody about transgender issues when they do not want to share these things - you can only truly be an expert on yourself, if you do not want to share that then you have to resort to talking about others, but that's not what they really wanted.

All a bit of a mess really.

A shame - but she did a good job so fair play to her.

And as it was made quite clear it's her private business!



Transvestite Les/Lesley scuppers Trudy's plans to become intimate with Mateo.

Awful episode that sees Tim Healey (plays transvestite Lesley) running around the pool dressed in a lady's 'Bay Watch' costume, followed by two of the stag group in drag. This is how they see transvestism. One big joke - very sad. Would they do it blacked up every week?

(Image ITV)


Watson and Oliver

The female double act seize an area that has been under exploited by women in comedy, that of dressing as men. In this episode they play Julio and Enrique Iglesias. It is clear one passes better as a man than the other, but that is for you to decide.

It is interesting to compare this with Little Britain, as women playing men tend to mock the career and celebrity or male traits, men in drag tend to mock the very fact they are in drag, like look at me I am funny before I open my mouth, The girls have to work a lot harder with the script to get the same laughs.

Lorna Watson is More Keith Lemon than Julio :) (Image BBC)

Ingrid Oliver (dark hair playing Enrique) makes a good looking man though :) Yet Ingrid is very feminine as Kate in the Will and Kate sketches. Interesting you can be good looking as both genders. And shows there is often not much in it.


Little Britain
BBC Three

We see transvestite Emily Howard and her companion being laughed at, after all what else is there?


A Girl Like Me (2006)
Ch 5 USA

Another showing of this excellent film based on the life and murder of Gwen Araujo. The film pays due respect to her memory.

This was in part why Channel 5 won best channel last year in our awards there is more on that there.


Embarrassing Bodies
Channel 4

Botched Thai surgery special
Intersex Adele has bottom cheek implants remove and a hair transplant.

She also appeared on 'This Morning' earlier in the week.


Celebrity Juice

Keith crossdresses and then flashes a hideous fake vagina at the guests - who freak out. Reminds me of when he mocked Nadia (in 2004) he had swinging testicles for her. Later copied by Russell Howard's Good News Ladyboy airline sketch. You see all these things have connective strands its possible to sit back and almost see it as an orchestral spiders web, all influencing one another. So often quite 'trivial' things at the time can set roots into serious problems later.


Transamerica (2005)

Sadly tucked away (no pun intended) on Film 4 at 01.23-03.30am in the morning

Nominated at the time for a best actor performance it follows, pre-operative transsexual Bree who receives a call from an imprisoned 17-year-old-son who does not know she is about to have grs. Her therapist insists she deal with this relationship before her final operation is approved, which leads to a road trip across America.

Positives - a good tale, well done and includes a number of cameos by actual transgender people.
Negatives - Did not use a transsexual person in the lead.

All in all a good film worth watching.


Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami
4 Music (another Channel 4 offering)

'Tranny' this and 'tranny' that, I give up! And not one transgender person in sight. The gay drag enables her to misuse the term.

Khloe gets asked to judge a Khloe Kardashian Look a like contest.

There was so much wrong with this show I do not know where to begin.

She makes it clear from the outset saying, "I do not like being compared to a tranny!" She then goes on - "I Know drag queens and 'trannies' are not the same."

Yet she goes on to say 'tranny' a number of times. The argument here is the gay drag queen look-a-like contest was for a gay group in Miami. But she would not support a hispanic community group by saying the N-word (black racial slur) over and over it has no relation whatsoever and is offensive to that group.

This is one of those cheap teen shows - a bit like anything to do with Paris Hilton - We have her show using the term trannie (in the negative) too.

I just found it offensive and Channel 4 should know better!

This show had nothing to do with transsexuals, yet was advertised as such, it was a drag queen contest, yet she used the term 'tranny/ie' throughout.


Read the TMW MOU again Channel 4!
viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2509 ... 77816.aspx

I thought this was interesting in light of our report here:


Connie and Carla (2004)

Sassy Comedy from writer of My Big Fat Greek Wedding. After witnessing a mob hit in Chicago, lounge singers Connie and Carla flee to Los Angeles, where they go undercover as drag queens. They prove a big hit on the gay scene, and Connie receives some amorous attention from a man who thinks she is a man dressed as a woman.

I think we can immediately see some roots with 'Some Like it Hot' (1959) the storyline is almost identical in a sense. And of course despite this being a gay drag comedy, it is quite clear that there are some considerable transgender crossovers. Not least a bio woman playing a man playing a drag queen. So a woman trying to pass as a man in this instance.

Apart from the fact the moment they open their mouth you can read them as women a mile off, not a bad yarn. It is just an excuse to sing show tunes and quite low budget.

This follows a very stereotypical drag queen 'scene' remarkably similar to 'To Wong Foo Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar' (1995).

I suppose it is one you have to watch, think of it like this mix Muriel's Wedding (1994) with 'Some Like it Hot' (1959) and you have your film.


Pick TV

Talkshow in which guests try to resolve their problems in a mock courroom. Features a debate over whether a woman should turn herself into a man [SIC].

This was made in the late 90s and is still being aired today, so a cautionary tale for those that appear in the media ;)P.

Let's Dance for Sport Relief

Eight celebrity Acts who have made it through the heats battle it out in the Grand Final.

Terry Alderton - the only female impersonator goes our early.

Playing Tina Turner, he did try. But I just think this is a universal boredom with drag. I think the public are also beginning to feel, like I that you need to have a talent and then dress it up, today, we mostly see people who are clearly not funny or using unfunny material relying on drag/crossdressing to carry material.

If you are a bad singer or a bad comedian (and Terry is not a bad comic) or a bad dancer, putting on a dress does not make you less bad it is just a distraction usually through gay bar beer googles.

I am glad he didn't win, and the person who did was Roland Rivron who did a great performance. Would have putting on a dress made it better? No!


Th/e Sarah Millican Television Show

Simon Callow is asked about his acting.

SM - What lengths have you gone to to prepare for a role?
SC - Recently I played a transvestite!
SM - Right! Raises eyebrows and a big studio laugh.
SM - What do you do for that?! Stares at the audience as if to say (bloody hell!)
SC - Laughs out loud, I went to all sorts of interesting places! But when I put the bra on and the high heeled shows and the wig I became a completely different person.

He goes on to joke about rugby balls in his bra etc...

You see this is the problem. When you hire a genuine transperson, the joke is on their terms, it is less funny as the audience are not detached from it by proxy of a gay actor for example.

If This was Eddie Izzard, again as an example 10 years ago it may have got a laugh but it is a very different laugh.

Why did Callow choose this of all the great roles (and many were great) to mention? Because he is on a comedy show and this is clearly funny.

But would he make the same joke or get the same laugh with any other community?

Disabled? Black? Asian? Faith groups? Gay even? No it is unwelcome and lazy and on the BBC!

It also proves that we should no longer be accepting non-trans people in trans roles, because when they talk about the roles after (or before as was the case with Sean Bean on Jonathan Ross) it gets laughs. If they hired a transgender person for the role the junkets would have to approach the humour more carefully as they are likely to offend the person who is an actual transgender person and not just pretending.


Meet the Parents

One of the fake relations pretends to be a transvestite - and hams it up and is crude.


Russell Howard's Good News
BBC Three

Russell crossdresses for laughs.


Watson & Oliver

One of the girls plays Boris Becker.


The Simpsons
'We're on the road to D'ohwhere'

Smithers to Marge (who is selling all her out of date prescription drugs on the lawn/yard/grage sale).
Smithers - "I'll take all your estrogen!"
Marge - "But that's a hormone replacement for women!"
Smithers - It is for a friend who is trapped inside another friend!"
Marge - Oohhhhhhhhhh! Tut!"

OK I suppose.


Hit the Road Jack
Channel 4

Series featuring comedian Jack Whitehall.

This week he crossdresses and plays an interviewer.
This series reminds me very much of 'The Charlotte Church Show'. She had a song then a guest all very intimate. In this case a Joke then a guest. What links this show and others similar to it like Charlotte Church and Ant and Dec's show, is they dress up in disguise and have a secret camera and try to fool the people. Ant and Dec did it pretending to be Japanese girl super fans of Coronation St, their budget and profile allowed them this luxury and access to famous people and locations - we have the clips in our archives. Charlotte Church and her budget I think mirrors Jacks, as such it just feels very cheap and lack lustre. I mean he invited Ruth (Gavin & Stacy) Jones onto the show and she was all but some stuffed prop sat there.

His crossdressing as a posh woman, was awkward too, not least because it reminded me of the latest incarnation of the St. Trinians Head Mistress.

Just seemed to be done for the sake of it. The material was clearly poor for this sketch so again the frock is 'dragged in' to support it. And get laughs at the crossdressing rather than the material

Perhaps it will improve, but I just feel this show is a case of de ja vue, and he caught the bus too late.

This is a surprise as Channel 4 are usually cutting edge - or at least try to be. But to copy a BBC2 show and a bad one at that? Perhaps it will improve.


Jerry Springer
'You told me you were a man'
CBS Reality (Freesat)

Rather uncomfortable show placing a proud FTM on stage whilst they are accused of not being a man and lying to his gf.

In a week where transgender people are being labeled liars, later you will see this on Lorraine of all shows.

We have this 'gem' from Jerry Springer.

To quote Jerry, there is no problem with being transgender, but this sort of thing rarely turns out well!

We raised this in our Skype Group - Join free here
And these are the results viewtopic.php?f=75&t=2917


The Simpsons
'My Fair Laddy'
Channel 4

Principle Skinner - "Your Gym Teacher Miss Pommel-Horst is going to make a brief annoucement!"
Miss Pommel-Horst - "This is very emotional for me! I'm taking a leave of absence and will return in the Fall as Mr Pommel-Horst! Your new shop teacher.
Principle Skinner - "We're telling you children now so you can adjust and not make jokes!"
Nelson (the school bully) - "Looks like there'll be some new 'wood' in shop class!"
Principle Skinner - "Precisely the type of wordplay I seek to discourage!" [whispers laughing under his breath] Heh heh heh ... New wood!"



Emily Marabella and mother are interviewed ... -girl.html

Emily a Teenager who fell for a boy online (in this case of a similar age), the parent vetted the boy, by overlooking her skype chats and were happy this was not some 40 y-o adult posing as a teen.

Jemma Barker who was jailed earlier this month for posing as a boy to get girlfriends has led to a spate of similar issues coming to the fore.

In this case a teenage girl, meets a boy online, Skypes with him and enjoys this time, they meet up and the father reads this as a 'girl' and she feels a bra strap and hears a grandparent call the name Coral.

It appears to be no more than that. The person was not charged. Unlike Gemma.

But, the bra strap could have been a 'binder' the boy may genuinely feel like a boy and live as one as much as possible. 'Second Life', the online virtual world game (for example) is full of males with female avatars, who are not trans at all.

And this is on national television.

There are a some worrying trends here, the argument is if someone is trans then they should be upfront about it, but if that were the case then many a marriage to transvestites would never have happened. Many relationships would fail before they begin. Does anyone really tell the truth about themselves on dating sites? Using older photos of themselves from 10 years ago, lying about their income or their job, or would they come clean about a criminal record? What if they withhold the fact they have children till date three? Most relationships begin somewhat blind. Why are potentially transgender people suddenly being singled out?

The girl fell for the person, she fell in love with 'him' - what is wrong with that?


The Wright Stuff
Channel 5

Lee Hurst reads the Newspapers, and from the Mirror, reads about how David Walliams suggests that Simon Cowell goes out after midnite as thats when the 'Ladyboys' are about.

You cannot blame Lee for this, I blame Walliams who is a thorn in the side of our community. Even the headline in the Mirror reads 'CALM DOWN LAYDEEEEEZ...'


Walliams is very passive aggressive in his approach to trans issues, it is like he appears to be somehow connected yet is destructive at the same time. At the end of the day thats all he has got, I'd be more impressed if he left it alone. Reminds me of the bully at school who fancies a girl yet rather than be kind he pulls their hair to get their attention. May well be funny to those watching but not so much for the girl.


This Morning

Serial transabuse seems to pour from this man, Keith Lemon AKA Leigh Francis. From his stints in the noughties as a MTF Transsexual (with FTM Davina McCall), his relentless attacks on Nadia (Big Brother 4 on Bo' Selecta) during that time and later in Celebrity Juice. Even on 'This Morning' he has a little dig.

There is a dating game and they have the potters scene from 'Ghost' the movie. The subject is blindfolded and his potential dates lean over and help him throw pots and mold the clay.

"Feel the hands, you don't want to go out with a woman with massive hands - it might be a man!"


You see if he had omitted the word woman then no problem that's an issue for the Gay community, the trouble is he said a WOMAN with massive hands might be a man.

It may seem insignificant but all these little things add up!


Crash Canyon
channel Viva

"Tell you what norm you keep doing that (creating roast chickens) then I'll stop telling people you are a crossdresser!"

He isn't btw.

It is 'the threat' gag/blackmail that many trans suffer and often end their lives over, lazy and not funny if they really thought about it!


Russell Howard's Good News Extra

Matthew Osborn 'Sex Change Gag'

Ok this was on BBC Three at one time now it has been sold to Dave and the BBC is still getting paid from it - It has their name on it. AVALON FOR BBC!

He is introduce by Russell as one of his favourite comedians, who was clearly doing this stuff elsewhere (Edinburgh).

"I'm broke and I don't care!"
"I am saving up for a sex change!"
"My brother's going to be furious when he wakes up from that operation!"
"No more c*ck and balls for him!"
"That'll serve the b@stard right I never liked him much anyway!"

Where to begin with this?

Belittling a serious condition
Transphobic - as in he is getting this because I hate him
Saddest thing of all it got his biggest laugh of the night!

Plus I am sorry to say Matthew the joke has been done already, just ask Hugh Dennis.


Goodnight Sweetheart
'And Mother came Too'

Ron is in a cell and a woman in hot pants and fishnets comes into the cell ushered by a police officer.

"Ron smiles, looks like my luck's changing?!"

Gary leaving said, "I didn't know you put women and men in the same cells?!"

"That's not a woman," he replies - and the audience laughs.

A dull cry is heard from the cell.

Later at the end of the show, Gary collects Ron from court, he jokes that he got out because he and the 'mad transvestite' went over the wall!"

There are only 3 instances of this in the whole series of Goodnight Sweetheart, the other being he takes out the wrong banknote in 1940s with the Queen on it. So says that's a new banknote being circulated by the Germans saying The King is a transsexual.

It remains one of my favourite shows, and written originally by the 'Birds of a Feather' writers. For a show that was huge from 95-2000 I think the trans community got away lightly.


Little Britain
BBC Three

Oh the irony when only yesterday we have the spectacle of David Walliams looking into camera and stating how serious mental illness is on Sport Relief and how lightly society takes it.

Yet the next night on BBC Three we have Anne 'the mental patient' cross-dressed in a bowling ally with her psychiatrist. We are all aware of the character smearing excrement on walls in other episodes.

Oh and of course the 'bad transvestites' also make an appearance.

BBC hypocrisy. Part of the shame people feel when they have mental illness is fueled by these crass and abusive representations.

And don't get me started on the damage Emily Howard has done.

I give up.


Harry Hill's TV Burp

Heather and real Heather

Ex Eastenders cast member Heather who is regularly abused in the shape of a crossdressed oaf makes an appearance.

Of course the bigger picture is not actually offense to her rather it is the cliche' of a gross unshaven crossdressed cisman larking about for laughs.

Still she got to sing a song and is clearly milking her new freedom :)


Family Guy
'Lethal Weapons'

New Yorkers (or 'leafers') invade the quiet town of Quahog to watch the beautiful coloured leaves fall.

Quagmire approaches a woman in a bar.

"Oh (he says to himself) Transvestite back off!"
"Wait! Pre-op or post-op?"
"Wow transvestite back off!"

Image image Fox/Fuzzy Door/BBC

I am in unsure about this particular clip.

On the one hand he asks and was prepared to 'give it a go' if she was post op, but then again this is a person who is a molester and raped Cleveland's ex wife's corpse plus 'transvestite back off'...does suggest preop transsexuals are transvestites.

you decide...


For your Eyes Only (1981)

The Infamous spy thriller that showed Caroline Cossey as Tula (a Bond girl), that then led to her being outed and her life changed forever!

There is a clip at the beginning in silhouette dancing the the music and walking around the pool - should you be interested.


The Simpsons
'Homer Simpson, this is Your Wife'
Channel 4

This one penned by Ricky Gervais (and starring him) also features a nasty comment about a transman.

"Charles I am leaving you!"
"You snooze you lose!"
"You are leaving me for him!" Marge's 'sister'.
Homer - "So it would appear! Cousin it there was born a woman!"


South Park
'Eek, A penis!'

When Ms Garrison (AKA Mr Garrison who had a 'sex-change') decides to become a man again he (as he now identifies as male I guess) approaches a tissue growth facilities (remember the ear growing on a mouse?) they use stem cells to grow a penis on a mouse but it escapes. The rest of the show is Ms/Mr Garrison running around chasing it.

It then sings a little song on a fence :) and is finally reunited with Mr Garrison so he can be a man again.

If it were only that simple eh lads?


Watson and Oliver
bbc tWO

Lorna Watson and Ingrid Oliver continue their crossdressing.

The show opens with one of the duo wearing a moustache and chest hair suggesting she was now on the 'roids' and boasts about taking T.

Later we see them pretending to be something akin to Batman and his chief designer who makes him a suit that has shoes that are too small.

They clearly have seized crossdressing as something other female double acts have avoided, although French and Saunders did do it on occasion as did Catherine Tate.

But to date no other female comedy duo has used it to this extent.

Does the impact equate to the similar with MTF drag and so on.

Well thats not for me to say, it is clearly less 'funny' the other way around, and the joke needs to be less about the binder and more about the material.

With crossdressing and wearing a frock the laugh is the dressing.


Channel 4

Kayvan Novak adopts a variety of disguises to spoof members of the public.

In this he plays Augustine Kwembe a mini cab driver inspector in order to groom unsuspecting male candidates.

Basically he dresses as a black woman and plays with herself in a car trying to seduce the male cabbies.

Tired format, been done to death, from Trigger Happy TV to its original Candid Camera and all the incarnations ever since that even include Noel Edonds.

He should have stopped with 'Phone Jacker', as that was fresh and new, but this is just inflating the same thing really.

The moment he had to put on a dress I thought here we go!

He cannot just misbehave, he has to sexually misbehave. Simulating oral sex with a banana for example

It is just the same act as Little Brtain's Bubbles (the fat suit female who tries to get off with the health club owner as she cannot afford to live there).

Again from Channel 4

Seriously commissioning editors if you hear the line - "I crossdress to get a laugh" say NEXT! - if they say oh its ok we have a transgender person to do that say - I AM LISTENING!

do something new!



South Park
'Over Logging'

The residents of South Park Colorado wake up to discover the internet has disappeared.

Randy ups sticks and takes his family in search of some 'internet' and ends up in California where it is being rationed.

He decides he cannot wait to view porn so goes into a tent that has a 'simulator' a cardboard box with an artist drawing stick figures.

He then asks for 'Shemales'.


Nevermind the Buzzcocks

The celebrity id parade, they have to decide which one is Cheryl Baker from Bucks Fizz, so they make the line-up wear fake noses and moustaches.

Noel Fielding remarks
"They look like Transsexual Frank Zappas its terrifying!"

Not that bad but a gag at the expense of the trans community in their absence yet again.


Crash Canyon

Astronaught to male monkey companion.
"I need a mutinous crossdressing monkey like space needs a female astronaut."
"Ok you can wear the panties but if I don't ask for the love of god do not tell!!!

Family Guy
BBC Three


In this episode Chris become a cool kid and to get their own back Meg arranges for a hidden video camera to show what he does in his bedroom.

stewroids copies the Silence of the Lambs clip. Chris applies makeup in a ritualistic fashion with his penis between the legs and this then equals 'FREAK' and outcast.

His credibility is ruined.

"What's that between your legs did you sit on something - WArghhhh!"
"Freak, Loser!"

Image image fox/fuzzy door/BBC


This Morning

This Morning pays hommage to the restaurant scene in Mrs Doubtfire, a film that grossed half a billion dollars since it was made.

It ranks in the top ten comedy films of all time with another similar film being number one and that was 'Some Like it Hot'.

Now we have to ask ourselves WHY it is so popular 'Tootsie' was also in the top 10 too.

It seems that crossdressing is fine if it is in the context of comedy, but thats not good for the transgender community.


The Simpsons
Girls Just Want to Have Sums
Channel 4

When the new school principle splits the school in two, separating boys from the girls, Lisa dresses as a boy called Jake so that she can attend the boy's maths classes.

Its not the dressing that bothers me here it is the principle standing on stage in a dress - not not that either.

It I Nelson (again - see above) shouting at the Principle - "Ha! The principle is a trannie!!!"

And this again on Channel 4.

Educating a new generation of children that this is something to be mocked and abused.

Its odd, the argument that Nelson is a bully and it is ok - what about racism and all the other isms?.

The day Nelson shots the N-word in the same way I'll retract this comment.


see you next time and dont have nitemares ;)Xxx
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Re: UK Television Transgender Monthly Round up Mar 2012

Postby Cassie » Sun Apr 01, 2012 1:26 pm

I'm fairly sure much of the work on "My Dad Is a Woman" was done before "My Transsexual Summer" hit the screen. In fact they were probably made at about the same time hence certain parts seemed very samey. I do think they appealed to rather different audiences though with MTS being for a generally younger reality tv type viewer and MDW more for the classic documentary viewer.

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