Am I Trans Or Just Crazy

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Re: Am I Trans Or Just Crazy

Post by Ice Maiden » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:07 am


Re: Am I Trans Or Just Crazy

Post by Ice Maiden » Thu Jul 06, 2017 8:05 am

Body Dysmorphic Disorder see ( ... ction.aspx)

Is not always black and white - nor is gender identity.

People do modify their bodies to feel more comfortable
see (Extreme body modification).

So for example you could feel feminine but want a bilateral mastectomy and then feel great!

You could love wearing dresses but wish you could grow facial hair!

This should not be looked upon as a bad thing... It is what makes you you! It is not necessarily something to be 'cured' or buried and make you feel ill and unhappy.

You do not have to go to extremes, but rather experiment and try different things.

You 'sometimes' wish you had a penis?
Try attending a Drag King group. You can use 'packers' You can bind your chest. You can go out as a guy... See what you think. You may hate it!

You maybe a Tomboy - but grown up...
You may be a cross-dresser (people designated female at birth can and do Cross-dress it is just less obvious than when people designated male at birth do it). It is only when you might apply facial hair or use a 'soft packer' that people think ... wow!

You may have a genuine BDD that you might want to seek medical help for (see your doctor and explain).

There are many opportunities out there and a wonderful internet. Find a FTM or Drag King network on Facebook locally to you and try out some 'look' see how you feel?!

Lest us know how you get on.

It might be fun?!

Am I Trans Or Just Crazy

Post by Confused Teen » Thu Jun 29, 2017 3:35 pm

Been questioning seriously for about a month but last week reality smacked me in the face and I realized it's very very possible im trans. What do you guys/girls/otherwise think? Any advice or opinions are helpfull and appreciated.

Why I'm confused

I have a vagina.
I don't hate it especially when I'm not on my period.
I sometimes wish I had a penis.
Everyone has always told me I'm a girl and I've never objected to it.
I've always objected to feminine girly things like skirts and the color pink.
I've always been a boyish person.
I don't feel the same attachment to my breasts as say, my hand.
I really really hate my uterus.
I don't typically hate my body though.
I mostly only question my gender when my hormones are high eg periods or early puberty.
When I was about to go through puberty I thought maybe the docs made a mistake and I was really a boy.(no human anatomy lessons yet heh). I also tried the folk tale of licking your elbow but I could never reach.
I don't feel a strong sense of gender.
I almost always use a female avatar.
I've never really felt like any female charecter in the media is me.
I identify with women very well.
I was feminine for a while and while i didn't like it i didn't hate it.
I like being called a he online but I always correct people saying I'm a she.
I like boys clothes and haircuts.
I've always prefered to hang out with guys and I would rather be "one of the guys" than "one of the girls".
I really liked that I could shorten my name to a boys name and always went by that. Almost never by my full name.
I've always self identified as a girl, but always a tomboy.
I'd really rather have a mans social role. I really want to be treated as a man. Not equal to a man. As one.
I like being kind, gentle and caring but not angry and aggressive.
I get jealous when someone fictonal or not crossdresses and gets gendered as a guy.
I always throughout puberty wished my breasts would stop growing.
I often wish I had a flatter chest.
I hate pmsing and crying uncontrollably.
When I'm not feeling bad about my gender or body I wonder why I was so upset because existing as a girl is ok.
I fricking hate bleeding genitals.
A little bit ago I went to the mall dressed in a crew cut, jeans, boys haircut, a baseball cap and simple ribbon bracelet. I was going to use some different accessories but I felt this looked better with my hair. Mom told me I was being extreme. But I just thought it was comfortable and matched.